Wednesday, August 31, 2011

things i am a fan of. things of which i am a fan.

Here's some things I'm enjoying right now..

1)The weather. July sucked, August has been glorious, and I love September.
2)My wardrobe. I may have reached a critical point where everything matches at least two other things. This is lovely.
3)"Window" shopping (via internet) for fall clothes. It all looks so darn comfy.
4)2 Crunch exercise videos - a pilates one and a cardio blast one. After seriously disliking the cardio dance one, I am quite pleasantly suprised. And sweaty.
5) Grapes.
6) Italian Soda
7) My new turquoise ring.
8) New projects at work!

Some things I could do without..
1) All my outdoor furniture is still inside from hauling it in from the hurricane. I have to move it back out. Small, meaningless complaint, I know

Back to things I'm enjoying...
9) I have a hard time thinking of much to complain about =)

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