Monday, February 06, 2012

2 of 365, 2012

 This project is way more fun now that I'm on year 2. Just sayin'.

Feb 6th, 2012:

Q: What are you obsessively listening to?

A: The Beatles, actually, go figure. Abbey Road in particular.  Also, I'm on a mission to find the Stones Sticky Fingers on vinyl, for under 5 bazillion dollars, american.

I still like all that stuff I listed last year.

Time Machine:

Feb 6th, 2011

Q: What are you obsessively listening to?
A: Ah, music. How I love thee. I go through phases, that's for sure. I will never leave behind my love for Neko Case, Radiohead, the Beastie Boys, Bob Dylan, Cat Power, The Stooges, The Clash, The Beatles. I could go on and on and on and on.

Right now I've STILL got Arcade Fire the Suburbs on heavy rotation. Excited to check out the new Fleet Foxes. Dabbling in a little Serge Gainsbourg. First Aid Kit is a favorite. Jenny Lewis, always. Adoring She and Him - heard it in the Whole Foods last night, put a little giddy-up in my step =)

I love being introduced to new bands. Introduce me to some! Please!

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