Wednesday, February 08, 2012

2/8. 365. year 2.

 Feb 8, 2012

Q: What are 3 things you have to buy?
A:  Tires (that probably counts as "have to"). Valentine's and B-day presents for Fred. A new lamp for my craft / sewing room / office. (I think that's have to unless I don't ever want to work in there at night..or I could move a current lamp, gawd, ok, not HAVE to).

Its very difficult to determine things one has to buy, you know. We do a lot of wanting, but needs are fairly well met, yeah? Yeah. Like I said last year (man, I'm getting boring with THAT).

You know what I don't have to buy? Clothes. Cause I'm on a clothes buying hiatus. Which is strangely freeing. I've come to realize that everything is always on sale. I mean, it is. This time of year, we have new spring clothes, not on sale, that its not really warm enough for yet (although it kind of is, winter having been cancelled this year, apparently) (but I still don't want to wear capris and cotton pants yet) (or sandals) (or light sweaters) (I digress). and there are winter clothes on sale, that are really quite attractive, and you know, on sale. But this will still be the case in March. But I don't think I'll buy in March either. Haha! Who's overconfident NOW?

Anyway, that was quite an aside. So yes - have to? Not much. Tires count (road safety first). Presents count, if one is being polite and kind. Lamps don't. But I like lamps. I love lamp.

(p.s. last year made me giggle, because I would NOT buy steaks or prosciutto now, obvs. Being vegetarian and such. I just can't fathom cooking a steak anymore. What a difference a year can make..)

Okay, moving on...

Last year, this time....

Feb 8, 2011

Q: What are 3 things you have to buy?

A: Oh, you just had to use the word "have" didn't you? I'll take it literally, and then not so literally.

3 things I have to buy: 1) Food. 2) Electricity. 3) Gas.

well that's not very exciting. but it is an interesting excercise to really apply that word to my thought on purchasing. I don't even have to buy those things when it comes down to it. Well, I could grow my own food I have a garden big enough to do so, in fact. I could use candles and the fireplace (well, I could if it wasn't a gas fireplace, i have to buy gas, see #3). I don't have
to buy gas - well, yeah, I do, cause I have to go to work. but I could walk/bus/metro. and then I'd have to purchase transit tickets. still - we really don't HAVE to buy very much, do we?

Taken further, I would certainly say I have to buy clothes, if I hadn't already bought so damn many of them. Seriously, I should be good for years, but only due to starting from this state of overbuying do I not need to buy. Even then, I could sew or knit my own clothes, but would then have to buy fabric, wool, and sewing lessons.

I love the idea of trading/bartering, but isn't that what I'm already doing? The knowledge and service I'm able to provide is my job. I get paid for my job and I trade that for goods.

In all seriousness, this subject hits a little hard for me because I know that I am too much of a consumer. I do, however, make a concerted effort to buy things that are made or grown as locally as possible, with as little harm to the environment as possible. This does backfire..ever priced anti-aging moisturizers made without animal testing? But that is important to me, and so that is where I will put my dollars.

3 things I just have to buy:

1. jcrew brogues
2. steaks and prosciutto from eastern market butcher
3. caffeine free diet coke.

haha, that's more fun!

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