Tuesday, February 21, 2012

goal progress for February - and unintended consequences

so, back on the last day of January, I made myself a goal:

no new clothes. (slightly hyperventilating). Yep, no clothes shopping. No shoes shopping. No jewelry, accessories, or other accoutrements shopping. Small exceptions may be made for 1) tights, if all are worn out/have runs. And...um, that's it.Woooo. breathe. ok. ya. I'm committed.

I have broken the clothes rule once (1 Jason Wu for Target item, come on). I have broken the jewelry rule, a couple of. several times. I have bought some underwear, and bras, and camis, and things made to wear UNDER clothes. I didn't buy tights though.

So, okay, clothes ban...not perfect. But good. But will be perfect for the next 8 days, promise.

But here's the rub. My non-clothes spending has been, umm..redirected. I have bought for the house and/or myself:

1) 2 lamps
2) a rug
3) Two bird decor thingabobs
4) some art
5) some records
6) an electric toothbrush
7) much make up and moisturizers and perfume and ladylike things.
9) a new blanket and duvet

So, basically, I have feathered my nest, and bought myself some pretty frilly girly stuff. This was soo not the point of the clothes ban! I mean, yes, I would prefer to buy house things than clothes. Much prefer.

So, yeah, there are a pair of James Jeans skinnies half price that if they're still there on the 1st are getting bought, but other than that...clothes ban in effect for March, too. And house stuff. And perfume. And underwear. So there, self. Stop consuming and shit.

You know what? Actually, I'll give it up for Lent. Discretionary spending, given up for Lent. Done. (I'm not Catholic, no, but I can respect some Lent). 

(to be fair, I have also made most of a chevron afghan in this time. i make, i do not just consume).


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