Wednesday, February 01, 2012


so, I'm trying to get a new chair for the TV room. this would be Fred's chair, so I have to get his approval. I am constantly looking at chairs on the internet and sending him links, with subject lines like, chair? and chair? and how about this chair? I even bought an Overman chair that he hated, now my chair (I love). He doesn't like vintage, because "it's used". well, duh. Its also mid century modern, you know, actually from the mid century - and gosh darn fabulous.

Here's my latest chair? obsessions..

Crate and Barrel Aidan Chair
 West Elm Bliss Chair and a Half

 Eero Saarinen Womb Chair & Ottoman

Trying to convince Fred that he needs a chair? instead of some sort of car part for his birthday. Chair? Chair? Chair!!!

and then once in a while, I get crazy, and start saying, oooh..couch.

this blue the words of Ms. Zoe..i die.

This is Fred's response to my latest chair? request

"That womb chair is fugly and I won't use it. This set is cheaper than the original chair if it were real"

well, ummm. ugh. chair. =(

ooh, late breaking news, we may have come to an agreement on the great chair debate..

eggy chair.

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