Thursday, January 26, 2012


It is Thursday, right? Exxxcelllent. (like Mr. Burns style). 

Today is one of my favorite work days all year, one of my favorite work tasks. But I can't tell you what, cause you know, work. Sorry. Sometimes it's hard to be a manager, but today, its good.

So, a P90X 2 update..
I started P90X 2, and then I had to stop for a bit because of my goose noises cold. But I'm back on my game now, and today, I did X2 Yoga. 

I've forgotten how tough it is to run through a workout the first time. I never watch the DVDs before doing a new workout..I like the surprise.. but then I also have no idea what's coming. X2 Yoga is pretty tough, pretty demanding..but I like it, a lot. 

Here's how its different from the original.. 

With the original, which was over 90 minutes, you had clear sections - a flowing poses section of about 45 mins, a standing/balance poses section, abs, and stretching. The first 45 minutes were pretty brutal, the last, very nice. 

With this one, you have more like mixed segments. You'll do a series of sun salutations, flowing into balance postures, with some stretching thrown in. So, while its not 45 minutes of flowing poses (read, sweaty), its 67 minutes of them...mixed with other stuff. Different, not necessarily better. I do like the yoga abs portion of this workout better..not easier or harder, just personal preference. This is definitely a good, tough workout. If  you do this alone a few times a week, you will become fitter.

After my workout, I go upstairs to do my makeup and hair, and this morning, as I was attempting to put on eyeliner, I got the fatigued muscle shake in my legs. Awesome, also inconvenient, haha.

I got my foam roller yesterday and I'm inflating my balance ball tonight, so I am now fully geared up on the P90X2. Although, I was doing ok with my weights, bands, and medicine balls. And towel. And um, chair. Seriously, my little exercise gear corner of the TV room is getting busy. May be time to take this operation downstairs. As soon as we find a place for all the stuff down there. Like furniture. And car parts. And 500+ magazines (ahem, Fred. who's the magazine addict NOW) Seriously, read Details from the mid 90s, its awesome.

By the way, here's what I have on today. I apologize for the fuzzy pic.

Today we have: 

Sweater: Loft
Blouse: J Crew
Pants: Talbots
Shoes: Banana Republic  (and rather crush worthy they are),
(one of those oh, yes. purchases)
Necklace: Banana Republic
Rings: Tiffany and Mall kiosk

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