Tuesday, January 24, 2012

happy annivesary

hey all - guess what today is? It's my 1 year anniversary at my job. Awww. yay.

okay, so a couple of things to share with you today!

First, my outfit:


Today, I have on:

Suit jacket: Banana Republic
Top: Banana Republic
Jeans: J Crew Factory
Shoes: Nine West (there I go again with the needing to hem. I'm short, people, short!)
Rings/Bracelet: Tiffany
Other ring: Mall kiosk

Second: Fred and I have discussed a couple times possibly buying a Fiat 500. We just enjoy them, and he needs a more reliable (like, newer than '87 with 300K miles?) type commuter car. Obviously, I have seen the mint one, below, and I now need the mint one. But since Fred will mostly be driving it (except on the weekends, on the weekends, it's mine, yes), I'm so not getting a mint one.

No, but I may finally finally get my Volvo 240 next week. There is a good one for sale not far from here, actually has everything I want. Nice. Of course, I get Volvo, no Fiat. Even though my Volvo will not be newer than an '87, It will have less than 300K miles.  We like old cars, apparently, I dunno. My daily driver is an '07, its the newest car we own by 20 years. Oh, by the way, Fred has 5 cars. Remind me to tell you about that sometime. And how sometimes none of them work, and all the time 3 of them don't.

Third! Third, I have had an inspiration, an epiphany, a calling. You know that whole 30 for 30 thing that Kendi got us started on? Read up here. I'll wait. Ok, done.

Okay, well here's what I was thinking about. What if I do a challenge where I have to wear every single (seasonally appropriate, occasion appropriate) thing in my closet within oh, well we'll see how far we get in 30 days.

See, my problem, (I have many) is that I go sour on clothes rather ...quickly. Its not that I don't still like all my clothes..its that I like the new stuff more. Perhaps my fashion sense is just that constantly emerging and evolving and growing like a beautiful butterfly...or maybe I just like new things. (actually, I like old things. Vintage cars. Vintage housewares. Vintage clothes?). Anyway, the new things.

I get into habits, patterns. For weeks, months, say, I will be ALL ABOUT blouse with slacks and blazers, and then I'll veer entirely into sweaters with skirts and boots. And the blouses and slacks and blazers...they are still good, you see - but I am not into them right now. So they languish, in the closet.

At any given time, I am into wearing maybe 1/10th of my closet.

So! So, i thought. I will attempt to wear it all. Why? Because the leftover stuff, that I cannot bring myself to wear? That will be donated / ebay-ed. Also, I will learn to mix the new and the slightly less new. I will develop new favorites. It will be fabulous.

Here's what I'm going to do - I'm going to separate out any non seasonal or non work appropriate attire. What's left, I'm going to count off. blouse 1, blouse 2, pants 1, pants 2, skirt 1 - you see how. And I'm going to make a list. And when I wear things? I am going to cross them off the list. This is going to be brilliant.

I may scare you with my list - I have a lot of clothes.

Anyone else want to try?

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