Tuesday, January 31, 2012

out with the old...February

January is coming to a close today, so its time to review the "out with the old, in with the new" goals for the month, and set some new ones!

First, January:

In with the New: Drink at least 2 big smart water bottles every day (about 68 oz. - and I don't have to stick to smart water, that's just the bottle I use for workouts and my measuring guide)

I'd say I did this 90% of the time. I started drinking big cups of ice water during the work day, and I always drink water during my workouts. However, I still stick mostly to soda in the evenings (generally I'll get through 1 a night, caffeine free diet coke). I'd like to eventually eliminate soda from my diet, but 1 a day ain't bad.

Out with the Old: Don't eat chocolate for the month. (its a vice, I'm not saying go without for life, I'm not into denying foods - just go without for 30 days. I don't like it when I feel like I have to have something, and a bit..or more, of chocolate has become a bad habit).

Again, I did a decent job, in that I improved. I did not, however, manage to avoid chocolate for the month! What I did was stop eating it at home, and only one small piece a day, of high quality tasty super dark chocolate, at work. I do think it has made a difference.

So, yes, I improved on both counts. No, I didn't blow these goals out of the water.

On to February! (I know what I'm about to type, and its making me cringe a little!)

In with the New: Make a gosh darn budget already. Its sort of ridiculous that I wing it. I need to build up my savings. Pay myself first, etc. etc. I am committing to having a reasonable budget put together by the end of the day tomorrow (the 1st). I think Mint.com may help me in my first step: where does my money go now?

Out with the Old: Sort of related to the New: no new clothes. (slightly hyperventilating). Yep, no clothes shopping. No shoes shopping. No jewelry, accessories, or other accoutrements shopping. Small exceptions may be made for 1) tights, if all are worn out/have runs. And...um, that's it.Woooo. breathe. ok. ya. I'm committed.

Now I'm trying to convince myself that it is not okay to sneak in some last minute J Crewing today. That would be following the letter of my law, not the spirit. If its meant to be, well, those things (or better things, better things!) will be there come March 1.

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