Tuesday, January 17, 2012

lush for life

ohh, how I adore Lush. I am all about the fresh, handmade products. I am, of course, all about the no animal testing. But really, I just adore these products, and what they can do.

Here's a few that I've tried..

 1) Dirty Body Spray. This may be a "men's" product, I can't tell and don't really care. Its an amazing post-workout refresher. Its tarragon, spearmint, sandalwood, thyme and lavender. It gives you a nice cooling jolt and makes you feel all fresh.

2) Full of Grace. During the winter, my skin gets dry and bitchy. This face serum has rose oil, mushrooms, and some tropical butters I've never heard of. It makes my skin less bitchy. It comes in solid form, like a small soap, but melts wonderfully on contact with skin.

3) Conditioners Forever in Bloom and American Cream. Forever in Bloom is a lighter conditioner, which with my curly, color treated hair, made me go, ummm, nah, at first. But it works really well. See, although I have an ass-ton of hair, it individually is fine. This is a good daily conditioner. It has chamomile, jasmine and honeysuckle.  What I do with this is use it as an allover conditioner while I'm deep conditioning my ends. My hair gets all bouncy and happy.

American Cream is a little heftier, probably more along the lines of what a traditional conditioner feels like. It smells of  honey, vanilla, strawberries and orange. It does the job well.

4) Shampoos - Godiva solid and Cynthia Sylvia Stout. I just picked up the Godiva solid shampoo, and I must say - it smells divine. I'm not sure about the rest of it yet. I'll have to let you know once I've used it a bit more.

Cynthia Silvia Stout - god, I love this stuff. Cynthia Sylvia Stout is made with stout beer, which contains protein to give your hair weight, smoothness and gloss. It's excellent for hair that tends to go frizzy in damp or humid environments. I mean, yes.  Anti-poof.

5) Things to put in your bath! Flying Fox..its a shower gel/bubble bath/shampoo if you want it to be, and it just smells sexxxxy. It's honey, jasmine, ylang, cypress and palmarosa. Wonderful.

Lush is probably most famous for its bath bombs, and they don't disappoint. I am also a HUGE fan of the bubble bars and bath melts - all things that you just drop in your bath. Right now, I'm loving Sex Bomb (Jasmine, clary sage and ylang ylang "to make you feel like a lover." hehe) and Karma (Karma is one of their signature scents - orangey and spicy). 

6) Face Cleanser - Herbalism. Now, this says it is for oily or problem skin. I got a bit as a sample with another order, and my face was happy. My face is not oily nor problem. But this made it happy. It has calming rose and chamomile in to soothe and ground almonds for a gentle exfoliation, What's not to like?

If Lush had been around during my Body Shop days (at least locally), I probably would have jumped ship. Lush addict, who, me? 

All of these products, and so so much much more at www.lushusa.com. I wish this post was sponsored.

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