Tuesday, August 23, 2011

earthquake day

It would be a shame if I didn't mention here that I experienced my first earthquake today. I mean, sure, there have been earthquakes, but I've never felt one. We had a 5.9 about 70 miles from me today, and wooo boy, that was weird.

My thoughts went..what ARE they moving down the hallway? Ok, that should NOT be shaking the building like that. By the time I got to my door to look out in the hallway..it was over.

The hallway filled with a couple of people..all of us like, wtf? I was really worried at that point that it was localized to our building, some explosion in the garage or something. We fairly quickly decided it was an earthquake, and i said, HEY! let's go to the break room and check out the news.

We beat the news by 2-3 minutes. Yep, earthquake. 5.9

They decide to evacuate our building. I packed up my stuff and headed to the garage, went to my car, drove home. Called my team and my boss on the way. They were standing outside the building, across the street. Oh right, that's what evacuation is. I live so close, I just default to home. Turned out to be the right call, everyone was sent home soon enough.

No aftershocks yet, at least not this far away.
The cats seem unbothered.
I still worked until 6.

Earthquake..yep, good to know what you feel like, don't do that again though.

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