Monday, August 22, 2011

oh yeah, goals

so i kinda of forgot i do goals for a bit there. whoops. that's ok, just time to pick it back up!

Week 15 Goals

1) Make goals (and, done!) haha.
2) Find another exercise DVD I like as much as 30 day shred that I can switch up with Ms. Jillian. Or it could be another Jillian DVD. Despite having 3 30 day shred workouts I still would like more variety. Plus, Level 1 is already kind of easy. PX90I suppose.
3) Plan a little one day getaway for Mr. Fred and I. Maybe back to the B&B we went to last summer.
4) Pull another round of clothes for eBay from the closet - anything I passed up last time with the thought that I might wear it? That I haven't still? Up it goes.

Sounds good to me=)

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