Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Fred and I have been engaged since November. So, we're coming up on a year here. Neither one of us is much enthused on the whole planning of the wedding bit. Is this weird?

I think my parents are trying incredibly hard to restrain themselves from asking when when? They are doing an admirable job.

Here lies the heart of the problem, I think. Fred is not inspired to plan anything. I could be inspired to plan, but I'm not going to 1)make decisions without his input, or 2)nag him for input. But I am minimally inspired to plan, myself.

Let me be clear...I am perfectly happy, nay, overjoyed, with a city hall wedding. There still requires some minimal planning, and I won't be doing that solo either. We may have a party to celebrate at some point, maybe not.

Neither one of us are about the wedding itself. Basically, I need a sweet little suit (thanks Carrie)or dres and a birdcage mini veil, and some amazing shoes, and I'm good. Fred needs some clothes of some sort. I may try to convince him to wear a bow tie. We need a marriage license.

My parents wouldn't be pissed, they'd be invited. I seriously doubt there would be hard feelings.

So, I think what I'm saying is...just expect me to show up married one of these days =)

Is this weird?

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