Monday, August 22, 2011

in my mind

i have a beach house in my imagination. do you? a beach house, or perhaps a country farmhouse, or maybe a paris pied a terre? Mine is a beach house.

sometimes i think about decorating my beach involves a LOT of white paint and weathered hardwood and lots of soft fluffy cloudy white linens and towels and basically a lot of white, and a lot of brown, and a lot of tan. with a tiny bit of red.

also, an outdoor shower. with an army of kiehls products.

anyway, i don't know about you, but i pretty much refuse to drive at my beach house, what with the little grocery market and the coffee shop and the bookstore and the sub shop and the candy store and the surf shop all being right there and all. so i need a bike. and a vespa for the longer trips.

This is the bike i need for my beach house. you likey?

one day, i'll have my beach house. it won't be too far along. one day, i hope i only have a beach house. ya'll can come stay.

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