Tuesday, May 24, 2011

30 for 30 Day 1

Good morning!

I'm feeling so accomplished. I picked out my 30 items of clothing for the 30 for 30 challenge last night. I am NOT feeling so accomplished in reviewing my pictures. I seriously phoned it in with these. I'm sorry. I'll even re-take them for you. But for now, I want to get them out there and get started!

Some ground rules I've set for myself. I'm only doing the 30 for 30 on work days. I'm not counting shoes. Accesories are free.

Here we go:

In the T-Shirt Category:

1) White Banana Republic V-Neck
2) Gray Banana Republic V-Neck
3) Black Banana Republic V-Neck (not shown 'cause I had it on while taking these pics)

In the Blouses/Shirts Category:

4) Ann Taylor Loft Raspberry Blouse
5) J Crew Navy Blouse
6) Anthropologie Patterned Blouse
7) Target White Blouse
8) Forever21 Floral Bloyse
9) Target Olive Blouse
10) Ann Taylor Loft Floral Pattern Blouse

In the Slacks category:

11) J Crew Light Gray Slacks
12) Ann Taylor Loft Brown Slacks
13) Victorias Secret Black Linen Slacks
14) Victorias Secret Denim Slacks
15) Victorias Secret Black Slacks
16) Victorias Secret Charcoal Grey Slacks

In the Sweaters Category:

17) Target Raspberry / Maroon Cardigan
18) Grey Roundneck Pullover (not sure of brand)
19) Black Banana Republic Cardigan
20) Grey J Crew Cardigan
21) Light Blue Target Cardigan
22) Target Patterned Cardigan
23) Talbots Pink Cardigan
24) Urban Outfitters Mustard Yellow Cardigan

A late entry, 28) Cream Beaded Target Cardigan, here

In the Blazers Category:

25) Gap Denim Blazer

26) Ann Taylor Loft Gray Blazer

In the Jeans Category:

27) Hudson Jeans

The final two items are to be "Suprise, Yet to be Determined, It's at the Dry Cleaners, etc." type entries.

About the experience of picking these items:

Last night, as I was selecting these items, I thought...Self, this is too easy. I have more than enough room in my 30 to pick everything I ever wear with some room. I have made this too easy on myself, only doing this for weekdays and not including shoes. Or maybe, self, you are just really really good at mixing and matching and optimizing your wardrobe already.

Oh, self.

This morning, I eagerly went to the closet to get dressed. Of course, having picked out these items last night, I had an outfit in mind. I put it on. I looked in the mirror. I made a face. Hmph. I went back into the closet.

There, in the closet, I met my Inner Fashion Brat. Ok, I thought - let's just look at what we have, and pick something else.

Inner Fashion Brat (IFB): "I wanna wear that cream cardigan over there."

Me: "No, it's not in our 30, because there is another cream cardigan that is better that is at the dry cleaners, so I'm afraid you'll have to wait"


Me: "No, we have this whole nice group of 30 here, pick something else out. Look, this nice olive shirt, for example."

IFB: "Olive only looks good with cream."

Me: "Um, no, that can't be true. Olive looks good with lots of colors. Red, Black, Tan..."

IFB: "You know it looks better with Cream."

Me: "Sigh. You're right."

IFB: "Yaaaaay I win"

So, yeah. I think IFB may be responsible for my spending habit as well. But I can't blame it all on her.

Here is my outfit for today. Numero Uno! See what I mean about phoning it in on the pictures? I caught myself blinking and didn't even take another one. I'm sorry.

This outfit is 9+15+28.

Necklace: Forever21
Belt: Target
Shoes: Talbots
Rings, Bracelet: Tiffanys

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