Monday, May 09, 2011

Week 1 report / Week 2

Progress against my week 1 goals:

Don't eat any of the processed packaged crap available to you at work - only ate one processed packaged crap item all week, during a stress-fest of a Friday morning. Felt terribly guilty about it.

Run outside 3 times this week - cpmplete fail, have gotten out of running habit due to gym-going all winter. I don't know whether to run in the morning or evening so did neither. This week - morning. Its a good wake up and the weather is pretty and cool in the morning.

Listen to the whole Beastie Boys album in one sitting - almost done, I got through all but 2 tracks.

Kick ass at that thing you have to do on Tuesday - I think I did - still pending results.

Okay, so, not wonderful on last week's goals, not horrible. Time to set goals for Week 2!

Run outside 3 times this week BEFORE WORK.
Again, don't eat any of that processed packaged crap available to you at work.
Go through closet and dresser and select items for ebay/goodwill. post ebay items.
Don't buy anything except food, gas, and household items(this would mean TP, not art or chair)...(and pedicure).
Get a pedicure.

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