Monday, May 30, 2011

nature and beauty

oh, how Monday can be so blissful when its a holiday! all while Tuesday grows more eeevil.

i was thinking today about perfume. really, i was. as the days turn hot hot and more hot (and humid), its inevitable that we start to think about how we smell.

me, I prefer natural smells. to be completely honest, i adore sandalwood and ylang ylang. i even like patchouli (a little bit). give me a sandalwood candle any day of the week. but i've long since graduated beyond my perfume oils from the body shop (they dont even have the perfume oil bar anymore, not to mention passion fruit facial cleanser, oh body shop, i once knew thee). it doesn't mean I've graduated away from my love for natural scents.

right now, I use The Body Shop Almond Shower Gel and Carol's Daughter (yes, I am) Almond Cookie body scrub, so I already smell pretty almond-y when I get out of the bath (or, as Fred says, like marzipan). Then I use The Body Shop Nut Body Butter, which has a distinctive smell all its own. My hair, for its health and to preserve color, gets a wash of cold water mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar before i get out of the bath, which can't smell once rinsed, but who knows.

To be safe, I put a few drops of blood orange essential oil in with my Moroccan Oil, which is the first thing to touch my hair, after washing, before combing.

Add to that my deodorant, my face potions, my sunscreen, etc., and I already smell like a lot of things before perfume even goes on.

Right now I'm using 2 perfumes that i LOVE. One I just discovered, its called Grove New York. I found it at Anthropologie. My only wish is that it would last longer. I'm also using a body spray called Gardenia by Marc Jacobs. This one is easy, I ADORE gardenias.

Perfumes I want: Something satisfyingly sandalwood-y, haven't found it yet. Royal Apothic Eau de Parfum in City of Angels, it smells just dee-vine. I don't think it smells like los angeles, but whadda i know?

Also, when i can convince myself to just go for it, Jo Malone Sweet Lime and Cedar and Vintage Gardenia.

What's your favorite scent?

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