Thursday, May 19, 2011

something for a rainy thursday in may

morning! Another outfit post for you today. Please, again, ignore the picture quality and the state of my bathroom. I will get better at this. I will get a tripod. I will find pretty places to take my picture. I do in fact own a digital camera. So then! Today, I had a belt debacle (debuckle, oh thats bad). I need one more notch on my belt (heh heh) (no, really). Let's take a small moment to acknowledge an item of my clothing being too big. Rejoice!...ok and we're done.

So I'm sitting there, trying to make the slight too big belt work. I start thinking, who is this belt made for? I'm not exactly itty bitty and I would appear to need a small. And then my mind goes to... for whom is this belt? You can see where this is going. For whom the belt, tis not for me. Before you know it, I've jumped from Donne to Metallica and in my head I'm all "for whom the belt tolls, time marches On on on on". Yes, it was a dorky moment, and I'm happy to share it with you.


Blouse: Banana Republic, a few years ago
Sweater: J Crew, here
Pants: Victoria's Secret, in Black, here
Belt and Shoes: Ann Taylor
Rings, Necklace, bracelet: Tiffany's, gift from Fred

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