Thursday, May 19, 2011

design scheming

1) J crew, how am I supposed to concentrate when you've got this, this, and this going on? I mean really. I was just thinking to myself, self, wouldn't a silk stripe top be an awesome addition to your wardrobe? I wonder if jcrew..oh dammit. just stop that. stop reading my mind, jenna. also, may i have a job as a buyer? but no, sad, no clothes buying for me. virtual window shopping only.

2) I'm finishing up the decorating of our master bedroom and I'm putting together some thoughts. I have a couple of goals..fill some empty space, add some organizational elements, create a cozy environment. I have a basement full of inherited furniture from which to pick and choose, so that is good. My focus is more on the decorative and organizational elements. I think I'd like to get a couple more of these bookshelves. these have served me well. I'd like to add one for actual books and one for..well, my shoes. I'm thinking of laying one horizontally to the floor under the windows to store shoes.

Also, I'm going to be thrifting for unique mirrors, that I may paint to match, or may leave as a mismatched set, depending on what I can find. I also need to choose which of our artwork will get pride of place over the bed - I'm thinking about my set of three french Vogue covers - thank you Rachel!

I think I'll also add some small sheepskin rugs. Hopefully will come across some nice mid-century lamps as well.

I can hardly wait until Saturday!

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