Monday, May 23, 2011

Week 3 Progress / Week 4 Goals

Well then! Yes, with the ow and the ow. Progress report time!

Week 3 Progress:

1) Were gonna stay onboard with that "don't eat any of that processed packaged crap available to you at work" theme - seems to be a good reminder.

It was not packaged, and probably not processed in the manner of which I speak, but the Service Desk hosted a thing with cupcakes from the local bakery and I had a cannoli one. As in, vanilla with almond and cannoli filling and whipped cream icing with mini chocolate chips, oh dear god. But that's it! So that's good.

2) Finish decorating the master bedroom and my office

I am 90% done with the master and 10% done with the office. So that is good, too.

3) Get that dang pedicure.

Yeah, I bought a thing, like a piece of furniture, with the expensiveness, although really quite cheap for furniture (thanks Target for blatently copying Crate and Barrell, love you mean it), but the pedicure costs suddenly seemed extravagant. So I painted my own toenails Revlon Red. And then I smudged them. And repainted them. And then when I fell this morning I scraped it off again. And I will repaint them tonight.

But see! If I had spent money on a pedicure I would have felt WORSE scraping it off this morning, while now I am merely annoyed. And with the ow-ing.

Yayyyyy Week 4!

1) That processed crap one again
2) Finish decorating the office
3) Run. Run Run Run. Commence with running. 3 times.
4) Try to write a short story.
5) Don't buy ANYTHING that is not a cigarette,from starbucks or essential to comfortable survival. Mean it.
6) Really, wow, ok. Don't go to starbucks. Shock the monkey.

I'm feeling snarky this morning, can ya tell?

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