Wednesday, June 15, 2011

cat lady stuff

my cats, ever since we moved into a house with a backyard and a fence - they are obsessed with going outside. Neither of them have front claws (i got them from the shelter that way, i would never declaw), so they can't be outdoor cats, but I do take them out while i'm gardening so they can pretend they are jungle cats. cats of the azalea and hosta jungles.

If i open the door and leave the screen closed to get some fresh air in - it sends them into high alert.

how do we get from here, to there?

perhaps if we work together..

or we could cute her to death...

I am bored by your reasons for not letting us out.


Bella, the Tortie, she is a bit simple. Well, actually, we're not sure she's simple, because Bella is like a cat Rain Man. She will sit and stare at walls for hours and she is scared of everything from the ceiling fan to her own shadow. But she knows how to open doors, and is scarily strong. Like, this cat is ripped. Also, occasionally she will give the other cat a quick whap on the head for no apparent reason. She's freakin adorable and likes to sleep in the nooks behind our knees while we are sleeping. I sometimes chase her around and tell her, in the voice from that kid in Despicable Me, that she's' "So Fucking Fuzzy!" -poetic license taken. Also, we rarely call her Bella. Its most often Root, Rootie or Rooster. It started as Belarus..don't ask.

Tash, my Tabbie, she is a trip. She is crazy smart and gets bored easily. Sweetest and friendliest cat I've ever met. She's also a lap cat (and shoulder cat, whatever part of you she can sit/nap on) and my baby, I've had her for seven years. Best cat to nap with ever, but she will wake you up by biting your toes and your nose, oh so gently and annoyingly. or playing with the blinds. she has learned that gets our attention. what a fun discovery, huh?

ok! so that should just about cover talking about my cats for a while. Thanks for hanging in there!

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