Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Step 2 in becoming a '50s housewife

On my lunchbreak today, I bought a sewing machine.

A nifty little Singer number from Sears.

I'm so excited I may burst!

I have a sewing machine, you see. I LOVE my sewing machine, from a sentimental, nostalgic, vintage-y perspective. It is truly awesome. It has a little label printed out with my mother's maiden name, gah the wonderfulness. But it is from 1954. And its fussy as hell. As in, no I WON'T pick up your bobbin thread and then when I do no I WON'T sew anything. I'll just make noise and holes.

I have spent many hours trying to get the thing to sew. It don't wanna.

So, although I struggled mightily with this decision, I decided that sewing is frustrating enough without old machinery. The old sewing machine will be a proud family heirloom that one day when I understand sewing machines, I will fix.

The new little Singer will take all the abuse of a new sewer. YAY compromise!

About a month ago, I purchased the Home Ec online course from Leigh Ann, here. (don't know her, but love her). I've been just patiently watching my tutorials and waiting, and then trying to make the damn machine sew, and then failing, and then watching and waiting..

And now I get to make the things! Make the things! Yay!

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