Friday, June 10, 2011

the heart of the matter

You all are aware, I have been, ahem, accident prone as of late. First, with the ankle twisting, and then, with the stairs falling leg bruising. But I'm all healed up now. Back in the gym. And its only supposed to be 85 rather than 90 bazillion tomorrow, so I am planning on a morning run. Perhaps a morning Starbucks, and then a walk back. We know I have a problem.

But! I'm here to talk about another problem. The heart of my shopping issues. The never-ending search for the perfect outfit in which to do X.

I am sitting here, waiting for a candidate to call me back, and I'm seriously thinking deeply about what I am going to wear for my run tomorrow. I am thinking...shorts. I need some running shorts.

Ya'll, I do NOT need no damn running shorts. I will say, no, I do not currently have a pair of well-fitting running shorts, TRUE. However, I have about three to seven (I have no idea) pairs of perfectly good, lovely, as fashionable as they can be given their function, work out CAPRIS. in loose fitting, in mid-range fitting, in running tight crops.

I don't need no damn shorts.

But in my head, I'm picturing me, running, sweating, de-stressing, communing with nature. In these shorts I saw at Dick's Sporting Goods the other day.

These here.

(p.s. love you under armour, you make the best sweatpants ever invented. go local, yeah!)

And now, its like, well I can't fully appreciate the run without the shorts. Meanwhile, this is all still in my head, in my plans for tomorrow. It hasn't happened yet. Yet, I need the shorts.

See, this is the heart of the problem. I get an idea in my head. I'm all, self, I would like to go to a concert at Wolf Trap (I totally am, tomorrow, Bright Eyes, whut!)

Oooh, what should I wear? I have this awesome embroidered cotton dress that would be lovely, but what if it was a shirt and I could wear it with jean cutoffs and then oh yes, that would be perfect, but OMG I need the perfect embroidered cotton floaty summer shirt.

No, no I don't.

If I were planning a trip to Paris? Yeah, I'd be filling my virtual shopping bag with Breton stripe tees, skinny jeans, scarves, and flats (no, I have all that. I must think of Paris a lot).

My wedding, for heaven's sake? Oh, I already have two wedding dresses (calm down, one vintage from Etsy, one deeply on sale from JCrew, I haven't even spent $100 bucks). And now I'm fairly obsessed with this particular dress. In white, duh. Which, FYI, is a dead ringer for my Prom dress.

Perhaps that's what I should do. Get back to my 1995 size (haha, HA, HA!HA!) and wear my prom dress to my wedding. Sweeeeeet.

Also, shoes. These'ms, raaaaaght heres. . Or these. Yum.

So anyway. This doesn't make sense, but this is where my mind goes. All the time. For ever and ever way back when. I am a person of substance, despite all signs pointing to frivolity. Am I the only one? I am, aren't I?

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