Monday, June 20, 2011

The half-way mark - Outfit 15!

Good Monday morning all! Hard to believe it is Monday yet again - and June 20th, for goodness sakes!

Today's outfit may marks the first you've seen of these J Crew slacks..and probably the last until I get them altered. They are too big - darn! Hehe. They are part of my "good" suit, so I need to hold on to them..thankfully I have an excellent tailor.

Outfit #15 is 6+11+25
Shoes: Nine West
Necklace: Forever21
Bracelet and Rings: Tiffanys

I was at my parent's house yesterday for Father's Day brunch. It rocked, as usual. My parents moved in to a new house in January, and therefore there are lots of things unpacked and organized and brought to light that may have not been seen since 1999 or so. My mom had a picture of me accepting my high school diploma. I'm barely 17. WOW do I look different!

You don't so much think you look different in the mirror, right? Its gradual change. I'm pretty sure (okay, very sure) that I don't look almost twice as old as I was in that picture, but you know, I am.

What truly amazes me, though, is that I graduated high school 16 years ago, I have lived SO MUCH LIFE since then, and I'm STILL only 33. When you are 16, 17, you can't imagine what that feels like. How young 33 still feels. Its pretty cool.

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rebecca said...

I'm doing 30 for 30 too! Cute top and blazer!