Tuesday, May 31, 2005

yes i am becoming a crazy cat lady. its hereditary im afraid.

also, the cat likes to sit on the new scale (first one i've ever owned, i don't think my "i don't care how much I weigh" attitude holds much weight (hehehe) anymore). she weighs 7 pounds and is happy with her svelte physique. of course, she eats bugs and runs around like a maniac all day, and eats like 1/2 of her dish a day, with a side of milk..and the bugs, of course. i might weigh 7 pounds too with that diet.

lets get physical! physical!

So I have been working out after week for 2 weeks now, consistently, for the first time in over a year. yay! i didn't want to announce until it was safe. kinda like the baby thing. but not as serious. by far. since I'm the only one who reads this thing anyway, I figure I will add an excercise and diet diary. why go through the hassle of making myself a chart, i've got my blog. i was worried I was going to have to change the name of this site to obese vita there for a minute, so i got to say i'm pretty proud of myself and my new endeavor. today I ate like a virtuous-type person, I went to the gym and did weights for the legs and half an hour on the elliptal (Set to kill me now level), AND I started my period today, so the sweating was nicely offset by the mind boggling cramps. and...drum roll...in the inaugural entry of the ima gonna lose weight and look hot in a bikini blog, i weigh, today...132 pounds. my goal weight is 2001 weight, which is 118. I would be ok with 110. im only 5'3" ya know. and in my other measure of success, my favoritist size 2 jeans..well, i can pull them up and button them, and this is good. now they just need a little room, so as not to be obscene and all.
except for the 132 thing (which is soo gonna change so quick, what with all this exhuberance and energy and I HAVE NO TIME TO EAT CAUSE IM WORKING WAY TOO MUCH) i feel great. whoo!
im not gonna do this everyday. the one person besides me that is maybe reading this..yeah you get an update every three days! and no sooner! unless i magically drop like 20 pounds in a day and then ill tell ya all about it, and how it was that i caught that pnemonia or got food poisoning or whatever.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

A PSA from Obtuse Vita

Attention everyone:
When communicating with me, DO NOT USE "ur" when you mean "your".

phones and beaches

i'm pretty protective of my time, and very protective of my level of relative comfort. i don't usually answer phone calls when I don't recognize the number. that's what my voice mail is there for. last night, i think my radar was a bit off.. i DID NOT answer the phone when the caller was inviting me to tastee diner with himself, sister, and brother in law, but I DID answer the phone for drunken ex-boyfriend to express love and slurred affection. if it was saturday night and i made this grave mistake i'd be pretty pissy.
on a completely different note, i want to go to the beach! i haven't been to the beach in 2 years, except for about an hour at the beach at Krissy Field in San Francisco earlier this month. I shouldn't discount that. But I want a real, Ocean City, Skee-Ball and bonfires, memorial day picnic kinda beach trip. its maryland's only redeeming quality.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

not frugal

so now I'm comparing Safari and Firefox and I have been using them both at random, along with ie for the mac (craptastic) for annoying work apps that refuse to work on real browsers. i feel wasteful. safari...or firefox...safari...or...the debate continues

Sunday, May 22, 2005

does this mean no $4 starbucks lattes?

woke up this morning to a perfect may day and decided to call my parents, see what they were up to. my mom invited me over to just hang out - asked me to bring my cat, Tasha. My mother is in love with my cat, i think, and it doesnt hurt that her cat is in love with my cat, too. so I packed ms. tash up and drove on over, where I proceded to have a lovely lunch, sit in the sunshine, watch the cats play in the garden, and shoot the shit with my parents. the usual conversation. my problems, their advise. priceless, it is. and then this shocker..they offered to pay for me to live...ANYWHERE in the country that is as much as or less expensive than DC (this knocks out only San Francisco and New York), and go back to school. why? I don't know. but isnt that amazing? the only thing I have to figure out is where, when, and holy shit can I go back to being a full-time student dependant on student loans and my folks without losing my damn mind at 27? I have until july to figure it out. wow. wow. OMFG wow.

Friday, May 20, 2005

leonard maltin

for the first time in my life, i just watched a movie, and IMMEDIATELY wanted to watch it again. and I am a harsh critic of movies. therefore, go rent spanglish RIGHT NOW


currently having mu usual friday night dinner of sashimi and wine. and watching spanglish. excellent, excellent movie. especially after watching ROTS last night. and its got me thinking about my mother. about how the thing i want to know most about my mother is how she felt when she knew she wanted to marry my father. how she felt on her wedding day. on the day she found out she was pregnant for the first time with my sister. how she felt when myh father betrayed her. how she forgave him. i'm going to call her in the morning and ask her to dinner and procede to scare the holy bejesus out of her with this line of questioning. but then, i HAVE had three glasses of wine, so who knows.

The problem is I am not an actual DC resident. stupid suburbia.

The title of this blog caught my attention, cause honestly, I'm not much of a fan right now either. But its not nearly as hostile in my case. Just...itchy.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


originally uploaded by saralyn.
This is me, in 2003.

she's got it.. yeah baby, she's got it

Oh I opened a flickr account
and I learned how to link to stuff
And its only just begun. Self-taught internet guru-ing ROCKS! bring on the weekend, murky, and the ibook G4 (bitches, making me wanna spend money).

The internets go to washington

I am not good at being mistaken. I abhor being anything but 100% absolutely knowledgeable and right right right! (oh the state of the world, I write right three times and now I feel all red-statey. Im so blue, trust me. see, forced disclamer).
So, nothing could have ruffled my feathers more than the following conversation:

On the TV: POTUS is speaking about something involving war, social security, or the rapture, etc.. and says something about..."the internets"

Me: *giggle* internets. dumbass
Freakishly genius CS guru A.: actually, the plural is much more accurate.
Me: (shit) oh. yeah. i guess (no idea what i'm talking about)

Let me make fun of the man, DAYUM!! it's all I have!