Sunday, August 28, 2005

it keeps flashing. its teasing me.

my damn cable is out tonight. the night of the VMAs and the premiere of Rome on HBO. I am forced to entertain myself. Sigh.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

its much better than the yearbook.

is it wrong that I like to spend time sifting through myspace, looking at the profiles of people that graduated from my high school from 94-98? no? I didnt think so. I am often surprised by both location and number of children by age 27. 10 year reunion should be fun. married? no. kids? no. fabulous career? maybe. graduate degree? no. 10 pounds? Absolutely? Still high? nope, sorry.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Friday Night (Hi)Lights

I went to a very fun party last night - down on U street, very nice space - basically your picture perfect city loft. damn! i want to live in the city. Great music, chilling with my sister and brother in law. Its the weirdest thing, in high school, my sister used to get pissed at me because she thought I was so popular (i wasnt really), but now, Im jealous of her friends. Shes surrounded by the kind of together, interesting people that I wish I could find in the vast social scene that is Metro DC. I guess the smart kids really do win out in the end. Im smart, too - I just spent so much time trying to hide it in an effort to be cool. Im so proud of my intelligence and general geekiness now. big props to the cassettes - amazing little set last night. Thanks guys!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Church Mouse

oh my goodness, I haven't posted in a week. My excellent excuses include: annual self-assessment due today; finals on Saturday; didn't have much to say; Laguna Beach was on. I'll be back and chatty when this crazy week ends.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Another installment of obvious statement of the day!

The beach is way way way super more funner than work.

Work is kind of fun too. But in a different way. I did my first REAL phone screen today and Im still smiling. My job is so rewarding.
But so is sand. And waves. And trying to surf. And fudge from the boardwalk candy shop. And bike rides into town.
Sigh. Oh beach, how I love thee, shall I count the ways...
Sun. Sand. Towheaded tan children laughing. Naps. Reading. Ahhhhhhh.
Hi reality, Im back, did you miss me?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

its cause he's funny

I have a crush de blog (its like nom de plume) on this guy. If you know him, will you tell him that? Thanks!

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, my friend Charlotte...

One day I was taking with my mom and dad, and in that conversation I mentioned that I would really love to be a journalist (my mom was the editor of her high school paper, she totally missed her calling. or not, cause she kicks much ass at what she does), and also that I just bought some new shoes. My dad says, "Honey, you don't have to be EXACTLY like Carrie Bradshaw you know." No, my dad's not gay, he just likes shows where there are smart women and people have sex. Totally normal, in my opinion. So, Dad...check this out! I AM like Carrie! So obviously I need more shoes. Can I have some money?
Editor's Note - Yeah that linked sucked all the life out of my formatting and its evil but it was one of those quiz things. And it said Im a Carrie.

bunnies love kitties


oh tee hee hee hee. I pornolized my blog. My favorite part? from my last post..."Oh, walk on the cuntlicking wild side, internet." Isn't that fabulous?

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

something of interest?

ok, internet, I totally kept my promise. something new and exciting. oh, walk on the wide side, internet. I was really fucking late to work today. and then, oh yes and then, I went FOR DRINK apres work. And its 11, and I just got home and I'm drunk, internet. And I committed some sins. I'll let you ponder over which of those 10 commandments I brokee. Guess. It's a guessing game.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

and a lil somethin new

I think you, internet, need to know about a day in the life. What interesting things happened to Sara today?
Today, I had an interview at 9. Not me interviewing, I'm a recruiter, had an interview coming in. I woke up at like 7:45. Not enough time. Didn't wash hair thoroughly, worried about being stinky with funky hair.
Sat in traffic a la Office Space, minus gansta rap.
Arrived at work at exactly 9:02.
Went downstairs to meet candidate.
Spent 2.5 hours compiling hiring reports for July and August.
Went to weekly meeting
Sat in weekly meeting for 2 hours
At desk, tried to prepare for transition into new role.
Spent a few hours arguing via myspace with Mr. Guy.
Stayed late writing Survival Guide for replacement.
Deflected dinner invitation from co-worker
Went home
Ate nachos
Talked to Mr. Guy.
Watched Gilmore Girls
Chatted with T and M
Blogged with glass of Pinot

Wasn't that enthralling? I'll try to do something stupid tomorrow to make it more interesting. Or maybe I'll just make something up. Cause really...I'm married to my job, and this is my life Mon-Fri. Well, Thursday this week. Yay! I'm sorry, internet, for putting you through that.

I'm in the mood for more

35. I had braces for three years. I did not wear my retainer. The bottom teeth are really crooked again.

36. I had braces for three years because I sucked my thumb til I was 9.

37. I high school, I was both a stoner and a National Merit Finalist.

38. My first car was a 1984 Plymouth Reliant station wagon, grey. I looooved that car.

39. If I'm having wine, it's Pinot Grigio.

40. My first real memory is my 3rd birthday party. Cookie monster cake by Mom.

41. I've been in college for 10 years. Shut up.

42. I put Hot Mustard sauce on my McNuggets. This is an evolution from 1) honey and then 2) ketchup. Hot Mustard is the shizzy.

43. I listen to NPR every day on my commute home.

44. My bicycle has a name, and that name is Bikemon. Like Pokemon. It's bright yellow.

45. I will say with absolute certainty that my favorite song is many many different songs. Just put a few beers in me and give me the Wonderland jukebox. Or Appetite for Destruction.

46. Music is a very important part of my life. I seriously could not date someone who loves country or Top 40. I don't think that's shallow, its just how it is.

47. Speaking of music, I think a mix tape is the most thoughtful present you can give.

48. Murky coffee is my favorite.