Thursday, December 29, 2005

i get overly excited, kinda like a puppy.

new strokes album drops on the 3rd! just ask how excited I am. I'm so excited.
I was going to pre-order via internet, but honestly, I think this one deserves an ole midnight on the 2nd at Tower. yay!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


strange twist of dad just called, appears they have decided to rent me one of their houses (not condo nor apartment, house) in Fairfax City for ridiculously reasonable rent. so, yeah. i have to buy a lawnmower. and a lot more furniture. Its 3 BR, unfinished basement, deck, yard, carport, the whole shebang. built in the 40s or 50s so its cute too. sweet.

I know its not MY old kentucky home but i still want it to be

I like to state things in this forum occasionally with no real background info. Like this...
If, whenever it may be that I meet someone boyfriend worthy who also finds me girlfriend worthy, and, such a relationship ensues, and I still want to move to Louisville as bad as I do today when I stumble across the most perfect house for rent ever in the Highlands (okay, stumble may be a strong word, I look at the Craigslist listings for Louisville, San Francisco, Boston, and a couple of other random cities with fair frequency), if I still want to move back there when I have the clarity of time and of other, you knows, I am doing it! because I'm really tired of describing my perfect house and neighborhood and knowing exactly where it is but also that I don't live there anymore, its entirely unreasonable for me to just up and move, but so what, but really! and also they don't really have any jobs there.

Really the best thing for all of us would be for me to meet a boy from Louisville who is here, get to know his you know and all, and then it totally won't be hard for me to convince him to move back. Life plan. Easy peasy.

Thanks for listening.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

tuesdays are usually pretty ok.

i really need to make a mental note...or a virtual note, really, I'm adding it to my 2006 Outlook calendar...TAKE THIS WEEK OFF NEXT YEAR. I am so bored I could cry, but instead I'm reading and perusing resumes, of which there are no new ones because if you wanted a new job why would you post it on Dec 26 you know?
But I had yesterday off and I have Friday off and I didn't come in today til eleven, so I'm not REALLY complaining. other than to myself. I always say I will work this week because 1) its a really easy week, why miss it and 2) I like to take big vacays in May and 3) my family is all here locally anyway. but Im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not doing anything. obviously, look, im basically talking to myself in this forum. send me your resume if you want a job in DC. that'll give me something to read at least.

Monday, December 26, 2005

and if you have 5 seconds to spare...

ill tell you the story of my life. excellent name for a blog btw. must've been done. to many smiths fans out there for it not to have been.

p.s. my bro-in-law got me sweet headphones for xmas, hence the very close listening to of many of my favorite songs at 314am. go figah. i also got...good stuff, im too tired to list.

my favoritist

"i heard there was a secret code the day they played and it pleased the lord but you don't really care for music do you?
when it goes like this, the fourth, the fifth, the minor fall and the major lift, the baffled king composing halelujah"

"your faith was strong but you needed proof, and you saw her bathing on the roof, her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you and she tied you to her kitchen chair, and she broke your throne and she cut your hair, and from your lips you drew the halelujah"

"well baby ive been here before, ive seen this room and ive walked this floor, you know i used to live alone before i knew you. and ive seen your flag on the marble arch and love is not a victory march its a cold and its a broken halelujah"

"well there was a time when you let me know whats really going on below, but now you never show that to me do you? but remember when i moved in you and the holy dove was moving too and every breath we drew was halelujah"

"maybe there is a God above but all ive ever learned from love was how to shoot somebody who outdrew you. and its not a cry that you hear at night its not somebody whos seen the light its a cold and its a broken halelujah"

Friday, December 23, 2005

im afraid im such a dork that

while driving today, stuck in horrid mall traffic, i started looking a letters on license plates and off my mind went into wondering why letters are the way they are. shouldn't E, arguably an oft-used letter, be simple? I mean, other vowels, like I, O, and U, are very simple. what's up with A and E? so, in my dorkiness, I've purchased and am reading the following:

Letter Perfect: The Marvelous History of Our Alphabet from A to Z by
David Sacks

I'll let you know why when I do.

and its my 20th year in No Virginia - oh my!

it's not new years yet, but I can still reflect, can I not? This year has been very strange. I rang in the new year in love, warm, joyful, a little drunk, and in tennessee (memphis, to be exact). At midnight on jan 1 2005 I was in the street on beale, dancing to an amazing street musicians cigar box guitar version of war pigs with a 24 ounce beer in a plastic cup in one hand and my beloved's waist in the other, while fireworks burst overhead. One hour back from east coast time, I hadnt changed my watch and the year sort of snuck up on me.

Fast forward to February 7..and while it does say something none to positive that I still know that date..when I had the sanest breakup I have ever had, if you take away the whole 600 mile distance and phone thing. I did then and have now a whole lot of respect and warm feeling for you, ex boyfriend.

I started this blog in the first weeks after that breakup, which sort of threw me for a loop. Although it wasnt as hard as its been in the past, whether that is due to his respect and care for my broken heart or the distance and absence I had become used to.

I went on dates this year, flirted a bit here and there, the stray kiss here and there.. but i haven't yet really had enthusiasm for dating again until very recently. Which makes me an asshole to you, who I hurt when I tried too soon, and Im so sorry and wish I could do a do-over. But while regrets are important, I can't live by them. Now I do think I may be ready again. So I am excited at the prospect of what may come for me in that area.

I'm also damn excited for what may come for me in all other areas. Things I have in my calendar so far for 2006 - New condo on March 1, trip to Italy and France in late March. I'm not sure where work will fit in with the March schedule, but you have to admit, that is an impressive start on the year.

I've made new more friends in this past year than I have for a long time. It feels great and I am happy. I'm looking forward to spending even more time with my parents with each coming year. I'm looking foward to next summer at the beach in NC at our new beach house. I'm looking forward to gaining some clarity on what I want to do with my career - I think its starting to come into focus.

I'm really just looking forward to continuing to come into my own. To grow into myself. I spent last new years eve happy in a couple. I'll spend this one joyously, completely, me.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

happy holidays to you

day four of the pointless week:

on last Friday, upon receiving emails from the Madrid and Paris offices regarding their closure from Mon, Dec 19th through Tues, Jan 3rd, I thought....humph. Not only do the Europeans get better work hours and longer lunches, they are generally more relaxed about this whole..lets work right through Christmas thing. The AMERICAN office, however...of which there are many many, but I work at the HQ, is closed only on Monday 12/26 and Monday 1/2, and I think there was some resistance for that plan, too.
But lets face it. Monday was really the last functional day this week. Everybody is sort of collectively shrugging their shoulders at this point. Ain't nothin happenin between today (maybe yesterday) and January 3rd. Why am I here? Why did I do laundry to get dressed to come here? If I lived in NY, and I did not have access to public transportation today, I sure as hell would know what? Its December 22nd people, I aint doin it. I will work from home.
Americans celebrate Christmas as we do any other working until the last possible second, taking a concession that gosh, I guess we have to not work on the 25th, all the while scrambling about in their search to spend spend spend and ultimately, stress stress stress. I work across the street from something like Americas 3rd busiest mall. Kinda makes me want to rip my hair out when it takes 45 minutes to move 2 miles, as it has every evening for the last 1.5 weeks.

Why why why do we torture ourselves? You can't enjoy Christmas like this. That is why, although I have no plans tomorrow and have finished my shopping, I ain't comin to work tomorrow. I aint doin it. So there, corporate america, I'm taking back 8 hours hahaha freakin ha.

I sound bitter, I know, and I'm actually not. But really. I need a day to decompress before I can enjoy Christmas, and you probably do too. I know I will never regain the wonder that Christmas once provided..Christmas from the eyes of a child is one of life's most amazing things. Although possibly greed driven. But even greed driven wonder can be sweet. I still get teary eyed at midnight christmas eve services when I go, and Im not religious..its more of a re-connecting to my childhood thing. Go to church, Dad reads the Night Before Christmas, leave cookies and milk for Santa.

Of course, Santa is now lactose intolerant and on Atkins, but things do change. For the last two years I woke up alone on Christmas morning at my house...and then drove to my parents. Which lacks the pad downstairs in my pajamas feel, but is also quite nice. When Christmas is over now I feel not necessarily full of joy but certainly more joyful.

So Merry Christmas, internet, and all of your denizens. Happy Hanukkah too. Try not to be jaded and try not to stress and just sit and listen to the world on Christmas morning with a warm cup of tea and your mom and sister...its quite lovely

Just wait til you hear what I think about New Years ;)

Friday, December 09, 2005

oh its so good

funniest post i've read in a while from the first blog I ever read all the way through. I too had one of those BR safari shirts...we all did, you know you did. Them and the Hypercolors, and the Vuarnets and Vision Streetwear.

My excuse for this is that I woke up at 530.

I am feeling awful proud this morning. I pulled off what you might call a "hat trick" or a "holy shit she's good" in the recruiting world. If you live in DC, you probably realize what a cluster-f the morning commute could have been today because OMG, there's about an inch of snow. If you live in New York or Boston, well, damn I feel for you, have fun with those 12 inches you get today. Everyone's freaking cold, I know, it sucks.

Ok, so ANYWAY. I had 5 candidates scheduled between 815am and now. 9am. I gave all those fuckers my cell phone number. And all the interviewers. And the recruiters. I was going to be Ma Bell this morning with all the calls I should have gotten. But...I planned, so carefully, because I'm awesome, that everyone new what to do and only 4 people called, like I said, because I'm awesome. I now I totally get to go home early cause I got here at 7:30am and so what if I have finals tomorrow and haven't studied because I feel very important right now.

Monday, December 05, 2005


2000 hits today. That's 2000 hits in approximately..10 months + a little. so 200 a month, give or take. so.. 6 a day. Maybe 2 of those are me. Maybe more. Anyway, apparently somebody besides me is reading this. I am acutely aware of certain people that DO read it, and it makes me sensor myself, but I suppose that is what I agreed to when sharing my identity. I like this little home on the internet.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

christmas and other type shopping

I just got my sister and brother in law their christmas presents and I am pscyhed! P-S-Y-C-H-E-D! I unfortunately cannot reveal my genius in choosing these gifts because one day I will give my sister the url for this site that she keeps asking for, and it may actually happen prior to December 25th. But trust, tis good.
Not-too-terribly interesting facts learned yesterday:
1) The Urban Outfitters at Tysons cannot hold a candle to the Georgetown one.
2) Banana Republic Petites pants are a bit short for me, which is ridiculous (I'm 5'2")
3) Gordon Biersch makes yummy garlic fries
4) I sometimes am capable of making rational shopping decisions

Monday, November 28, 2005

work makes me happy - for real, i swear

i love it when the person i am screening for a certain position is working on the same project but not within the field of her true passion because her firm is not bidding on that portion but oh! we are! and we want to hire you to win it! and work on it! and when we uncover this wonderful coincidence we both make little squeals of joy that we have a winner! sometimes being a recruiter is fun.

Friday, November 25, 2005

grateful and more grateful

part one..for things that I am thankful.
my dear, warm, funny, smart, engaging, beautiful, stressed out, family.
husbands who go pick up grandmothers when the rest of us are fighting over sweet potatos. brody the dog who I got to walk in the snow in the mountains past the horses and the smoking chimneys. friends, new and old. my twin fighting ninja kitties. fireplaces. big screen tvs with football surrounded by two generations of the family men. good books. actual houses with driveways that I may soon be a proud owner of.

part traditions.
i've decided to start a tradition of traveling each year on my birthday. when I was 26, I went to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby. Last year, at 27, I went to San Francisco...and then to the Derby yet again. A blissful 12 days away from work. Sigh. This year, Im leaning toward California again, but I'm also leaning toward...Seattle, Boston, Jackson Hole, Italy, Greece, Spain, Sweden and...well, yeah, some others. Also considering a three week cross country extravaganza, but I have a sneaking suspiscion that will wait for 29. But that won't stop me from starting to map that trip now.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

went to taste of saigon for lunch...

and had small beef pho. Now I have an insatiable desire for more PHO! more PHO! more PHO NOW! pho pho pho pho pho!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

sometimes it hurts

Its very hard to remain above the fray sometimes. Very hard to stick to your guns. Very hard to shun jealousy. Very hard to recognize what is not yours. Very hard to stand tall when others find success in methods you find less than forthcoming. Very hard to get the sticky goop from your skin after medical procedures involving sticky goop. Also very hard for those of us who's lives have spanned the old and the new in this crazy technocentric world - very hard to remember boundaries and not read too much into the void or lack thereof.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

gubernatorial is a funny, funny, word

Congratulations, Virginia, we have a new governor, Tim Kaine. Good show, I say. But Bill "the most conservative VA senator" Bolling as Lt. Gov? Really? And we don't even have an Attorney General yet, too close to call. But still, Kaine, yes, I love you fellow Virginians, you rock my sox.

Monday, November 07, 2005

oh ick

good lord, im so mentally diminished (my new pc term for retarded, used only in a joking fashion). Ahem. one little comment on a barely read blog regarding the author's, not my, physicality, and I start to rethink my own committment to fitness, second guess reasons behind our demise as a twosome, and generally want to bang my head against the wall until THAT burns enough calories for me to consider myself in shape again. i am too fragile sometimes.

one cat, two cat

I got a second cat over the weekend. She hid under the bed all day yesterday, and does not seem to have emerged over the night, nor this morning. I wish I had been able to stay home today, but no, meetings meetings meetings. I fully expect to come home to a wrecked apartment, complete with cats on the ceiling. We shall see. My baby girl kitty Tasha seems to have her head on straight about this whole intruder thing...something along the lines of, if I can't see her, she must not exist.

Friday, November 04, 2005


I finished the new Jennifer Weiner book yesterday. Didn't really improve any. Also plowed ahead in the James Frey book, which I still love. Can't freaking wait to see Walk the Line, also excited about Jarhead, Sam Mendes' new film starring oh yes you are so freakin fine Peter Saarsgard. And his girlfriend's brother who's also a sexy sexy man, Jake Gylenhaal. What is up with all the vowels, boys? November is stacking up to be a crazy month with work, school, family, travel, and the addition of a new pet to my little family. Oh, and that moving into a new house thing, which is not in November, although Im starting to wish it was. Im tired but happy.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

to a daydrem believer and a homecoming queen

have i ever told you how much I love the song Daydream Believer by the Monkees? Just something about the "cheer up sleepy jean".. i mean, that is what they say right? Does that make sense? I shall google...yep thats what it says. its in your head now right? eez, dont read the lyrics thats a sad song.

right here right now

Currently reading:
Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner - not enjoying, as of page 142. Ms. Weiner should rethink her next foray into murder mysteries.

A Million Little Pieces by James Frey - love it, page 3.

Currently watching: Sex and the City, the one with the jeweled Dolce panties where Carrie falls down on the runway. Love this one. Just because of the closing scene. Tidy whities on girls, yay!

Currently eating: Nothing, because all food hates me

Currently working on: Abstract for technical writing class. Finding a desirable condo for under 350K (v. hard).

Trying to decide if: I want a glass of wine

Worried about: The 10 phone screens I need to do tomorrow. Also results of blood tests taken today.

Happy about: My hair looks nice. I need new shoes, and Ima gonna get some tomorrow. My ipod has 30 new songs on it.

medical safari

oh its been a rather crappy day. tasha the cat had a vet's appt today, and while that went smoothly, I did manage to lock my keys in the car while there. I must say that AAA shone today and showed up in 20 minutes flat. Then I had my own doctor's appt. For those of you who know me, you know that to say that I havent been feeling too great lately would be an understatement. So my doctor and I have been tasked with solving the puzzle that is my gastro-intestinal system. I was poked repeatedly today, starved and then bled (damn 8 hour fasting requirements) and later this week I have to go get an ultrasound. I can honestly say I didn't think I'd be in for one of those until un bebe was imminent, but hey, should be interesting. After all that, sometime next week, I hope, we will figure out maybe what Im maybe sick with. Oh, also Im supposed to eat Kashi cereal with soy milk. Its supposed to help. Help me lose weight from not wanting to eat a pile of mush, maybe. Ho hum. At least Im working from the comfort of my couch now.

Friday, October 28, 2005

soooo sleeeepy

i'm not sure why today is considerably less exciting than any other day, but I am actually struggling to keep my eyes open here. must not fall asleep on desk. or if am going to fall asleep on desk, must first close office door. could lead to potentially embarrassing situation if do not lock door, but if lock door, could lead to potentially really embarassing situation invovling well.nothing besides waking up in an empty office I suppose. must regain consciousness enough to stop writing in style of Helen Fielding, is highly annoying. ttfn.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


When I was 2 years old, my family moved to Charlottesville because my dad was attended UVA for his PhD. I loved, and still love to this day, everything about Charlottesville. With 2 small acceptions. For years, and years afterward, I had recurring nightmares about sharks swimming in our local swimming pool, Fry Springs. I don't know how I possibly comprehended swimming laps at that point, I was still in floatie-arm things, kiddie pool land, but my dreams involved swimming very fast laps whilst being chased by sharks, who were also apparently incapable of swimming in patterns besides up and back those swim lanes. Also, at 3 years old, I began my educational career at a local preschool. The teacher took issue with my security blankie, asked my mother that I not bring it to school. My mom cut up my blankie, made me an adorable little ribbon belt, and sewed a piece of my blankie on it. I went fucking beserk on her ass, and my teachers. It was my G.D. blankie, for shit's sake. So i dropped out of preschool. Yup, Im a preschool dropout.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

acheivements and plans

by the way, I got a raise last wednesday. that means at least one more shopping spree per month allowed. or I could save it or something. yep, should probably do that. In other world events, Im totally going to Boston for a long weekend for my 28th birthday next may to watch my Sox at the only TRUE ballpark in the land, Fenway. Super psyched on that.

maybe just 1978-1980 for now.

In the beginning.....
I was born on May 2, 1978 at 1:00pm, making me a stubborn mule of a Taurus. I came into this world at Lynchburg Baptist Hospital. If Jerry Faldwell knew what had become of one of his city's own, he would have a heart...oh, excuse me, I have to go write a letter to Jerry to inform him of my birth..
I lived in the closet (totally abusive, it was a big walk-in) in a farm house in a town called Phenix. Yes, without the o. My big sister complained cause I wasnt big enough to play and was therefore boring as hell to a 3 year old. I hear I rarely cried, was a generally sweet and serene baby. Thank jesus my parents didnt take that as a sign to have another, because I became the incarnation of the devil at approximately 36 months of age. But we will get to that later.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

food, glorious food

before we get into the life of me, I'm currently very excited about perfecting this recipe for thanksgiving dinner and impressing the pants off my immediate and extended family. and of course my delish green bean casserole (vegan and full-strength). Which means..yay! for trial runs this weekend. Thanks smitten for the recipe.

Monday, October 10, 2005

once there was a girl

blah blah baseball and boys, such boring drivel. I think you need to know the story of my life, Mr. Internet (Ms. Internet?). next post -- the early years, 1978 - 1983. you're waiting with baited breath, aren't you?

Friday, October 07, 2005


in honor of my sox, this evening, I watched fever pitch. All I got to say is, I want a man who will take me to Fenway with him on opening day.

johnny damon is my homeboy

spring turns to summer turns to fall
the promise of red roses is broken with the fall of white snow
its october and the year is done early
the celebration will not be repeated
see you next spring

Thursday, October 06, 2005


you say its what you want but you make every excuse under the sun to feel inadequate. good to know you trust my judgement about what i want. i wanted to but you cant get over your own demons. kick yourself later. i would have helped you tame them.

Monday, October 03, 2005

could happen

I'm thinking about maybe sharing the horrific dramatic one-bitch play that I performed on Friday. I think it might exorcise the demons. But I might be too ashamed. We shall see. It has potential to be hilarious to someone not directly involved. And maybe the possibility of a guest-blogger on the topic of DC cabbies.
But in all honesty, its not real likely. So let the imagination just run wild.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

please please please let me let me let me

Love snuck up behind me and smacked me upside the head. It takes out its aggressions on me, roughs me up a bit. I am so slow sometimes I don’t even know its there until I’m yelling at it. i wish i was looking forward to a stroll in central park.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

my head is mean to me sometimes.

zombies really freak me way out. really really. i just had a dream that involved the following: lots of zombies, rollercoasters, nuclear weapons, both people and zombies being impaled, bioterrorism, really horribly filthy public restrooms, and falling from great heights. It is as though my brain just decided...fuck the coherant plot. Let's start with what she saw on Shaun on the Dead, take away the funny, and than add in whatever she's scared of - just willy-nilly, it doesnt need to make sense. Oh, and when I was RUNNING from the ZOMBIES to the safety of the basement where we would be for days/weeks/months/years??? Yeah, I forgot my ciggarettes.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

workin, nine to... well, always really

Its 12:26am on Monday. I can't sleep because I have work swimming around my head. So i just sent myself an email with everything thats keeping me up. And then I had to open up blogger to share my disgust with myself. sigh. goodnight, internet.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


59) I talk a lot about politics, sometimes Im just going with a general feeling, which leads to me talking out of my ass, sometimes I really know whats up. I get in fights about it. I did study poli sci, and I ingest an insane amount of info - I do have SOME credibility.

60) Watching or listening to POTUS Bush Part Deux makes me physically uncomfortable.

61) Guess what? Im a liberal. But I would like to think that if I was a conservative, I would still think Bush Deuce is a dum-dum stupid head.

62) Im a big fat sucker for green eyes

63) I also like boys' feet, but not in a fetishy way. I just like em.

64) I pierced my nipple when I was 17 with a sewing needle and a cork. I was not particularly bright at that age.

65) Same as above, but belly-button....twice.

Go Nats! (isnt that an unfortunate cheer?)

I went to see the Washington Nationals last night at RFK vs the SF Giants. My record for Nationals wins? It is now 0-2. I was accepting when they lost to the Braves. I've done enough praying to the MLB gods for the Braves to win to accept that my prayers may be answered when I don't want them to be. I am a Red Sox fan, and I found Jesus on that one last year. But, really, I love SF, no love for their baseball team. Can I go to a game where we win? Please? Its almost October. Speaking of which, my favorite Post columnist has had some experience with this.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Jerry O'Connell, I think...right?

Just so you know, when you google me, most of the stuff that pops up is recaps from that show Sliders. You know, where the main character was Quinn Mallory? They had to go and introduce a Sara character. Yeah. Its a burden.


"No! you can make butter out of nuts
is woodbutter possible?" - 18 year old me, as posted here. Googling oneself can produce interesting results, no? oh right, work, gotta run.

paging daytripper

I want to test my blog's effectiveness as a communication tool, since SOME people, who will remain unnamed, don't like to set up their VOICE MAIL. so, listen, I have some info regarding hotels for NYC trip so call me, will ya? Or else I'll have to WORK, and that would make me mad, right?

p.s. -
"Cause perfect didn't feel so perfect
Trying to fit a square into a circle
Was no life

Sunday, September 18, 2005

i love the cassettes

i'm making a little trip to new york city on October 1st to see the cassettes at Red and Black in Brooklyn. if you live in New York or will be in the vicinity come check them out and buy me a drink!

Friday, September 16, 2005

good things about work

Ya'll, I aint nobody's assistant no more, ya heard? thats mighty fine

deep thought

why dont they bring napkins with pizza delivery?? i mean, they do when I order like 10 for the office, but not when I order one for home. Do they want me to wipe all that grease on the couch? Do they just assume that the house comes pre-stocked with napkins? thats an awful big assumption. I mean, they give you napkins at McDonalds, you know? who missed that train?

cant you just hear it? I been talking with Vlad-MEER here, for oh, golly..

Enlightening email conversation, or, how to waste time on Friday afternoon:

not only is that statement retarded, but bush must be deformed - putin was elected in 1999.. that's um.... yeah, 6 years.

----------------- Original Message -----------------
Date: Sep 16, 2005 12:06 PM

whatever, i dont matta.
so, Im watching this live press conf. with bush and putin...and bush says.....
"Ive visited with Vladmir alot in the recent years, I havent been counting, but i know its alot because Ive been counting with my hands...and Ive run out of fingers heh heh"

----------------- Original Message -----------------
Date: Sep 16, 2005 2:47 PM

whoo dee hooo its friday at 2:46. Yay! do you wanna see the movie with John Heder tonight? or just drink til we're sore?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bacon! Lettuce! Tomato!

it has been brought to my attention, and I must agree, that #49 on the 100 things about me ongoing project needs to be:

49) On the occasion of visiting a deli, I will order a BLT absolutely 100% of the time.

now that we've gotten started again...

50) Laguna Beach is fascinating to me. I love those silly kids.

51) I have very impressively misshapen baby toes. I wore heels every day 12 hours a day for two years. It happens.

52) My perfect day includes coffee, going buck-wild in a bookstore, sitting in a city park, great conversation, napping, and a couple of glasses of wine.

53) I am extremely sensitive in some situations, and almost callously uncaring in others.

54) I have a freckle on my lower lip. It rocks. I mostly wear clear lip gloss, dont like to cover it up.

55) I dont know why they make any underwear but thongs. I also dont know why I never cared about VPL before the advent of the thong. Maybe I was too young.

56) I dont much care for team sports, but I keep thinking I do. I sign up for stuff all the time.

57) I still love cartoons.

58) I am stubborn as a mule.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

thats a damn good question

Terry Neal is my hero today. Let's hope people take notice and start asking questions of their own.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

flashback 2003

in a whirlwind of cleaning today, I found a journal of mine from 2003..
an excerpt:

"Everytime I write "1978", I feel a little worse. Twenty-five years. A little closer to thirty. Thirty, I know, is not old. But neither is forty, I suspect, when you're thirty-five and looking at forty racing towards you. My mother had me a thirty-one, my big sister three years earlier.. Yes, I know, that was 1975, but these are my standards, my measuring stick. The backwards calculations are something one must avoid - if you start at even thirty-five with my first child, I pretty much have to meet my husband-to-be today. Now, I am a rational human being and do realize that I am being ridiculous. The source of this calculating madness is my sister's impending wedding. I don't need a psych degree to figure that out.
Okay, so, the basic guides to measuring success - work, home, family, friends. I have no job. Well, I have a job, it just doesnt start for a week and I haven't worked for a month so I am now a professional magazine reader/barnes and noble patron/happy hour attendee/taxi driver for corporate intern boyfriend. My profession is retail management. I am a store manager, officially, or will be next week,. THe retail world is madness - cat fighting, two-faced, overly emotional madness. An industry consisting almost entirely of twenty to thirty something females and gay males with shopping addictions. Me, who once aspired to be a lawyer for the ACLU, helping to advance capitalism and greed. And I one wrote a thesis on Marxism and its potential applications to the modern a positive light. What a poser I am."

To be continued...

Thursday, September 01, 2005

living in a material world

I did something grown up yesterday. And then I did something achingly immature. I went to the bank at lunch and wrote the biggest check I've ever written to open an investment account, stowing my savings safe and sound and where I can't get anywhere near it for several months and/or years. Look at me being all adult like. And then, I went to the mall and bought a suit, 2 pairs of pants, some shoes, Prada perfume (yes, with the old fashioned bottle), had a bit of a spree at Sephora, and got a very nice little sparkly thing from Nordstrom. (Maybe a bit immature. Sprees are not mature). But I used a coupon! 20% off, yes indeed.(Again, mature) And then I felt horribly guilty,so I sent money to the Red Cross and the Humane Society. (guilt is definitely mature).
I think my mature and immature are having a grand internal battle to the death. Who should I root for?

Sunday, August 28, 2005

it keeps flashing. its teasing me.

my damn cable is out tonight. the night of the VMAs and the premiere of Rome on HBO. I am forced to entertain myself. Sigh.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

its much better than the yearbook.

is it wrong that I like to spend time sifting through myspace, looking at the profiles of people that graduated from my high school from 94-98? no? I didnt think so. I am often surprised by both location and number of children by age 27. 10 year reunion should be fun. married? no. kids? no. fabulous career? maybe. graduate degree? no. 10 pounds? Absolutely? Still high? nope, sorry.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Friday Night (Hi)Lights

I went to a very fun party last night - down on U street, very nice space - basically your picture perfect city loft. damn! i want to live in the city. Great music, chilling with my sister and brother in law. Its the weirdest thing, in high school, my sister used to get pissed at me because she thought I was so popular (i wasnt really), but now, Im jealous of her friends. Shes surrounded by the kind of together, interesting people that I wish I could find in the vast social scene that is Metro DC. I guess the smart kids really do win out in the end. Im smart, too - I just spent so much time trying to hide it in an effort to be cool. Im so proud of my intelligence and general geekiness now. big props to the cassettes - amazing little set last night. Thanks guys!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Church Mouse

oh my goodness, I haven't posted in a week. My excellent excuses include: annual self-assessment due today; finals on Saturday; didn't have much to say; Laguna Beach was on. I'll be back and chatty when this crazy week ends.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Another installment of obvious statement of the day!

The beach is way way way super more funner than work.

Work is kind of fun too. But in a different way. I did my first REAL phone screen today and Im still smiling. My job is so rewarding.
But so is sand. And waves. And trying to surf. And fudge from the boardwalk candy shop. And bike rides into town.
Sigh. Oh beach, how I love thee, shall I count the ways...
Sun. Sand. Towheaded tan children laughing. Naps. Reading. Ahhhhhhh.
Hi reality, Im back, did you miss me?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

its cause he's funny

I have a crush de blog (its like nom de plume) on this guy. If you know him, will you tell him that? Thanks!

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, my friend Charlotte...

One day I was taking with my mom and dad, and in that conversation I mentioned that I would really love to be a journalist (my mom was the editor of her high school paper, she totally missed her calling. or not, cause she kicks much ass at what she does), and also that I just bought some new shoes. My dad says, "Honey, you don't have to be EXACTLY like Carrie Bradshaw you know." No, my dad's not gay, he just likes shows where there are smart women and people have sex. Totally normal, in my opinion. So, Dad...check this out! I AM like Carrie! So obviously I need more shoes. Can I have some money?
Editor's Note - Yeah that linked sucked all the life out of my formatting and its evil but it was one of those quiz things. And it said Im a Carrie.

bunnies love kitties


oh tee hee hee hee. I pornolized my blog. My favorite part? from my last post..."Oh, walk on the cuntlicking wild side, internet." Isn't that fabulous?

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

something of interest?

ok, internet, I totally kept my promise. something new and exciting. oh, walk on the wide side, internet. I was really fucking late to work today. and then, oh yes and then, I went FOR DRINK apres work. And its 11, and I just got home and I'm drunk, internet. And I committed some sins. I'll let you ponder over which of those 10 commandments I brokee. Guess. It's a guessing game.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

and a lil somethin new

I think you, internet, need to know about a day in the life. What interesting things happened to Sara today?
Today, I had an interview at 9. Not me interviewing, I'm a recruiter, had an interview coming in. I woke up at like 7:45. Not enough time. Didn't wash hair thoroughly, worried about being stinky with funky hair.
Sat in traffic a la Office Space, minus gansta rap.
Arrived at work at exactly 9:02.
Went downstairs to meet candidate.
Spent 2.5 hours compiling hiring reports for July and August.
Went to weekly meeting
Sat in weekly meeting for 2 hours
At desk, tried to prepare for transition into new role.
Spent a few hours arguing via myspace with Mr. Guy.
Stayed late writing Survival Guide for replacement.
Deflected dinner invitation from co-worker
Went home
Ate nachos
Talked to Mr. Guy.
Watched Gilmore Girls
Chatted with T and M
Blogged with glass of Pinot

Wasn't that enthralling? I'll try to do something stupid tomorrow to make it more interesting. Or maybe I'll just make something up. Cause really...I'm married to my job, and this is my life Mon-Fri. Well, Thursday this week. Yay! I'm sorry, internet, for putting you through that.

I'm in the mood for more

35. I had braces for three years. I did not wear my retainer. The bottom teeth are really crooked again.

36. I had braces for three years because I sucked my thumb til I was 9.

37. I high school, I was both a stoner and a National Merit Finalist.

38. My first car was a 1984 Plymouth Reliant station wagon, grey. I looooved that car.

39. If I'm having wine, it's Pinot Grigio.

40. My first real memory is my 3rd birthday party. Cookie monster cake by Mom.

41. I've been in college for 10 years. Shut up.

42. I put Hot Mustard sauce on my McNuggets. This is an evolution from 1) honey and then 2) ketchup. Hot Mustard is the shizzy.

43. I listen to NPR every day on my commute home.

44. My bicycle has a name, and that name is Bikemon. Like Pokemon. It's bright yellow.

45. I will say with absolute certainty that my favorite song is many many different songs. Just put a few beers in me and give me the Wonderland jukebox. Or Appetite for Destruction.

46. Music is a very important part of my life. I seriously could not date someone who loves country or Top 40. I don't think that's shallow, its just how it is.

47. Speaking of music, I think a mix tape is the most thoughtful present you can give.

48. Murky coffee is my favorite.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

gawd, ya'll, this is HARD!

26. I shop when I'm bored. Groceries, clothes, house stuff, whatever really. I spend much less money when Im busy.

27. I am a nomad, but only in my head. I plan on moving somewhere new at least once a week. For the past 4 months, that place has been San something...Diego, Francisco. I like both of those names.

28. Speaking of names, if I have a daughter, I will name her Georgia. Assuming my husband is cool with that. I blame my father and his frequent renditions of "Georgia on my mind" for this.

29. I am very girly when it comes to some things, mainly: hair (highlights, no stylist too pricey, only the best products, and lots of em), skin (I have an exfoliant and lotion problem), and shoes. Not much for the mani, though I do enjoy the pedi.

30. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is the best movie I have seen in a very long time. I ain't kidding.

31. I drink much more diet coke than your average bear.

32. I can sing, but I probably won't.

33. I never go to the library, I only buy books. And I buy a lot.

34. I dated a man who named our cat Snuggles.

susy homemaker

in a domestic loveliness time moment circa 1956, I am super psyched today because my mother surprised me with a present..the cutest and suckiest damn vacuum you ever did see. Its bright green and has a circular handle and its bagless and it sucks real good. When she was here last week, I guess I mentioned that my current vacuum was about as useful as a hummingbird trying to blow the dirt off the carpet. so yay! and...i have cat sitting duties this weekend cause my parents are off continuing their search for the perfect beach house..double yay!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Recipe of the day:

The Meltie (Melty?)
3 pieces sandwich bread, pref. sourdough
4 pieces sliced ham or turkey
2 pieces sliced cheese, pref. cheddar or monterey jack
1 TBSP mayo (optional)
1 slice tomato

Best made in a toaster oven. Conventional toaster/microwave combo yields similar but imperfect results.
If using a toaster oven, assemble sandwich as follows:
Bread,Mayo, Meat, Cheese, Bread, Meat, Cheese, Tomato, Mayo, Bread.
Pop the whole thing in the microwave for 15-20 seconds, until cheese is slightly melted.
Transfer to toaster oven and commence crisping.
When brown, slice and eat.

If no toaster oven, you must toast each piece of bread, assemble sandwich, and then microwave. Beware the mushinating abilities of the average microwave.

Enjoy! =)

numbers 20 through at least 25, we'll see

This part of the list goes out to that special someone...hehe

20)When you're not looking, at 3 or 4 or just 1 in the morning, I will just pass the fuck out. No flopping about. Just out.

21)I have 10 pairs of sleepy pants, aka sweatpants or comfies, mostly stolen

22)I totally wish I knew about every new good band before everyone else, and I tend to believe I discovered certain bands when in fact, I did not. Like Kasabian.

23)I really really love school and office supplies.

24)My style has like, soooo totally improved, you know?

25)Noone understands me but my kitty

Okay, so these are kinda a goof. but mostly true. smiles.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

bah humbug

my mouth tastes funny and it feels like I got socked good in the jaw. can I take sick leave for that? Stupid wisdom tooth. hehe and the title of this post wasnt meant like that, but you wouldnt know if you dont know so...yeah

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

venti dos

following up on my "venti" post re: miller/cooper, I would like to state the following:

karl fucking rove fucking george fucking bush fucking hyprocrite just fire his ass you pansy

thank you.

ical not believe it

fuck! i really wanted to post something about the ical being accurate! fuck! that was on sunday!

one less toof

i just had the most interesting experience. Two hours in the dentist chair, fixing a chipped tooth, filling a little cavity, building up to the main event in such a stomach-clenching way that my sweet dentist actually brought me a Coke and Cheese Bitz to calm my upset tummy.. And then, when I thought I might pass out or throw up if I thought about it one second longer, she numbed me up good and started "wiggling" as she called it, actually felt like she was trying to pull my cheek off. And then I heard the creeeeeeeeeek crack pop. "Ew," I said, "I can hear it." "I know, don't worry, we're almost there. A bit more wiggling." Crack pop grind grind. "urr heh heh," I said. "Are you okay?" "Hum wer fuhfuhnuhnuh". Out come the intsruments...and when I said this clearly, she got a very weird look on her face, like she was just very frightened of me. "That was fascinating," I said. And it was. And I'm still on the adrenaline high. And whoo lawdy do I want to smoke, but nope!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

a few more to add to the list..

12) I love to do crosswords, and I do them in ink. Mistakes be damned

13) I like hot dogs with just ketchup

14) I have a birthmark on my left thigh that looks like a hickey

15) My first word was cat

16) I've seen every episode of Sex and the City at least twice

17) I have three tattoos

18) Everyone thought I was stuck up in high school, but I was just a shy little girl

19) My first drink was a bottle of Sam Adams split three ways between me and my friends Lori and Michelle

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


So I was supposed to have wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow and while not really psyched on that I was still a little bummed when they called to reschedule for Tuesday. Why? Well, I had prepared myself mentally, I was ready for the yankin to begin. And..and this is the worst I have to come up with two, like totally new and exciting work appropriate outfits for the days I was planning on being out. Seriously, that’s what bothers me. Me = crackhead.


I can't believe I forgot Cosmo! I've read Cosmo for at least 10 years. And it sucks! I used to read Seventeen and wonder, who are these people? and was jealous of them and their lives. Now, I read Cosmo and think, oh the poor poor people, they need advice on everything, and they are getting it from Cosmo. But I continue to read and buy, off the stand no less, no subscriptions for me. Why? Because its funny.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

yeah about the work thing

I should be a little more vague, lest I get dooced. doesn't that seem assuming? that someone at work would read these little snippets? still, better safe than sorry, all that.

its mini me

we made an offer to my replacement today. I am feeling like a new mother, a bit. A new mother who plans to abuse the hell out of her child. she starts in 2 weeks. this is v. exciting and v.v. scary. that means: 1) I have to get organized to the point that the whole system makes sense to anyone but me, 2) I have to gear myself up to prove myself in a new role, 3) I have to continue to actually DO my job while trying to teach someone else how to do it, and 4) I have to plan a small vacay for the approximate time I'm going to lose my damn mind, or..about 5 weeks from now.
still. happy good things.

more than 10 things...

I'm starting a "100 things about me" list. No, I don't have the patience to think of 100 things right now. But I will get there, rest assured. Here are the first few anyway:

1) I would gladly have miso soup for three meals a day for at least a week. I like it THAT much

2) I have read every issue of the following magazines every month for the last five years: Vogue, Elle, Bazaar, W, Marie Claire, Allure, Glamour, Vanity Fair, and Jane(since it came out). Seriously.

3) I was a competitive gymnast until I was 14. No, can't even do a split anymore.

4) I look exactly like my father. Except for my hair, which is exactly like my mom's.

5) My sister and I were polar opposites and fought constantly until she left for college. She is now my favorite person.

6)I have been in love twice.

7)I have been in lust at least 10 times.

8)My favorite place in the world is the base of my tree in Cherokee Park in Louisville, KY.

9)I have been playing the violin for 19 years.

10) I have been a salesperson, retail manager, and am currently a recruiter by profession, have been very successful in all these endeavors, yet..I am very shy about talking to people I don't know

11) I hate both hard pretzels and jelly beans

good for a laugh

this is freaking hilarious

Monday, July 11, 2005


originally uploaded by saralyn.
This is my favorite Bloom County of all time. Enjoy!

Friday, July 08, 2005

and i miss you

like the deserts miss the rain

yellow ribbons

about..oh, three, four years ago I met a Marine named Gavin at a piano bar downtown. Gavin had possibly the most perfect smile I've ever seen. I told his friends I'd give him a lift back to the barracks (god, that makes me sound so white trash..people, there is a marine base in DOWNTOWN DC) and we spent the next 3 hours pretending to be lost and bouncing our way through the city like a pinball. We'd stop to call his buddies for directions, stop for a potty break, stop to make was a great night. My on and off relationship got on again soon after and I threw Gavin's number away. He called the house once but my roommate didnt write down the number. I wondered today..and this is morbid..if he is alive. There arent any military people in my life so I am able to see the news every day and not worry about my loved ones, but I know I am very alone in this priveledge. No matter HOW MUCH i hate this war, I want it to be known that I DO support our troops. I hate that I see the support the troops stickers only on the same cars that I see the W 04 stickers. I am allowed to be opposed and continue to be a patriot.

new digs

i think i want a new apartment. but where...oh where...THAT is the ultimate question. How much waiting is prudent? How much greener is that grass, and last but not least, can i BE that West-Coast girl or am I destined to be on this coast forever-more? Obviously this is a lot bigger than studio vs 1 BR.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

good morning

Ahh, stretch, yawn, scratch scratch..I feel like Im waking up from the madness that has been my professional life for the past few months. It may be the fact that I have help in the form of the worlds best intern..or that Im interviewing for my replacement as I transition in to my new position, but..I can see the light and I feel ok. The date from last weekend asked me to go sailing this weekend - very nice offer, but its midterm time. I have another date (different guy) Monday night - for some reason this upcoming one is making me apprehensive. And I totally can't spend another dime on clothes (2 new pairs of shoes today) so I will have to survive without a brand new I-feel-fabulous date outfit. At least I have my new Sevens. Jeans are such the shit. Im a little drooly over the new line at Banana - so so so so my style. Must remember that when budgeting for what, 3 weeks from now when all that stuff goes on sale? And they're out of all size 2-6 and Smalls, cause well, that's what they always run out of first. And the size 37 shoes.
OOh and I might be going out to La-la Land in a few weeks. Continuing my get-acquainted-with-California-tour.
On a completely unrelated and serious note, at about 3 this afternoon, the London office of my company reported everyone accounted for and safe. Thank goodness, SOME kind of good news today.


I hate that the American Media feels that it is appropriate to either 1) mention the explosions in London and then go back to coverage of Luther Vandross' funeral or 2)get all up in your face man-on-the-street coverage (a la Fox this am). Citizens of London, my heart goes out to you. I hate that the our world continues in this state. You will rebound from this, but don't let America be your example. Don't lose your voice or give up any freedoms.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

um yeah i forgot about this stuff too

oh and...following up on some things. the date was good. we had many drinks at an outdoor cafe and then went to a party and then finished up the night going through the cd collection outside on the porch with our bottles of heineken. we could be best friends but their was no spark. and it don't mean a thing if it aint got that zing, right? right. back to the drawing board. or not. honestly not caring entirely much right now, I haven't been single in a LONG time and have only been single here for about what, 5 months? since I started this blog anyway. But I digress, I have a drinks date next Monday so who am I kidding?
Also, on the whole diet log thing I have been doing well but kind of inactive due to the LIFE CONSUMING PILES OF WORK TO DO, so while I've been eating celery and other gross but beneficial foods I have not set foot on a treadmill for at least 6 days. I think I weigh like 128. So, yeah. Progress, meet life.
Tata for now-


I have a problem with some things.
First of all, This New York Times Miller/Cooper CIA source thing. These are journalists adhearing to promises made as a professional and they (well, Miller) have been sent to jail for an indefinite amount of time for not revealing their source. Is this as ridiculous and maddening as I think it is?
Second, the anniversary of the Scopes trial is around this time. 80 years later, the debate is still continuing. People actually continue to protest the teaching of evolution in science classes around the country and demand that creationism and/or intelligent design be given equal attention. Let me just say something here..yes, evolution is a theory, but it is supported by evidence, lots of evidence. It is worth teaching to our children, and it is based in scientific reasoning. Creationism and intelligent design are one hundred percent faith based and belong not in school but in church and in the home. You don't expect your children to learn about the story of Noah's ark or the resurrection of Christ in public school - why is this issue different? If you are that concerned about your children losing their faith because they are taught about evolution in biology class, you need to learn what it means to become a well-informed adult and you need to understand a bit more about your sophmore-aged child.
FIrst amendment rights are being repealed, the age of reason is being negated in favor of the evangelical fundamentalist church. These are the issues here...honesty, loyalty, keeping one's word, education, opening one's mind to new ideas. How honest is anyone being with themselves when they lash out against these things? Does the fundamentalist Christian really believes that new ideas will destroy their faith? If so, how strong is their faith? Has the government really become capable of convincing people to give up their first amendment rights in the name of the Patriot Act? Who are these people running my country and why have they become so scared that they are willing to vote away everything we hold dear?
What do you think?

Friday, July 01, 2005

stupid datey thing

I have a date tomorrow. I dont want to go on a date. i have no idea why im going on a date. i want my person who knows me better than i do and i want him to be happy cause when hes happy hes amazing and when hes not he drives me freaking nuts. but im not that great when im unhappy either.

Friday, June 24, 2005


A few of my favorite bloggers seem to be either contemplating throwing in the towel or have merely stopped writing. I am a bit disheartened, as well as encouraged, because I read about these peoples' lives, and it seems to be that they've got so much love in their real lives, they lose the desire to spend time in such a solitary and self-absorbed pursuit as blogging. it makes me wonder - were these blogs therapy to get them through hard times? did they ever expect to become celebrities of a sort? did they ever expect their blogs to open doors for them, to introduce them to lifelong friends?
I'm new to this world, so I don't know about bloggers past. I don't know if its normal for bloggers to rise and fall in phases. I know that I will miss my daily reads. I hope that I can write words worth reading, I hope that this will be therapeutic for me, I hope someday that I will feel so fulfilled as to not have anything to say.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Friday, June 17, 2005

left right left they all fall down

have I ever told you how much I love the song "Toy Soldiers" by Martika? Love it.

Thursday, June 16, 2005


so I was just annoying and weird is it that the iCal icon always says July 17th. And then I opened it. And when it minimized, it said June 16th. So I say, OH, ok, when it is open it has the right date. So I closed it. And it still says June 16th. I am like, sooo freaked out, man. whoa.

Monday, June 13, 2005

yay go!

several impressive events for the week ending 6/13/05:
1) I got a promotion
2) I spent 3 whole days in Louisville
3) I went to the gym many times, without making myself sore to the point of immobility
4) I rediscovered how much I rock.

I am, however, so tired today that I'm starting to hallucinate and the keyboard is actually looking like a nice fluffy cloud pillow. I should go home now, methinks. Definitely should not be composing company approved legal type communication.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

not a real post, don't bother

129. More exciting news to come this evening. Too busy, WAY too busy. Want to sleep.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

i'm getting an intern

sweeet dude.

Teach Me!

i just, right now, in the last half hour, got so super excited about this school thing. I'm actually smiling ear to ear right now. it might have something to do with this...I'm rather enamored of politics and journalism and economics and most things theory and policy. I started school as a political science major. I excelled in my political and economic theory courses. I loved learning. My current line of work is recruiting. Not ideal for me - I prefer to research and to analyze and to write and to generally collect and apply information. Yeah, not so much of that in the world of recruiting. so I realized, today, that a chance has been handed to me. I can equip myself with a degree and experience that will get me the political/economic/policy analyst job. I can change this.I can do what I want. I don't mean to say that my job is anything but great - the people I work with are amazing, and I am good at what I do. But to actually love what I'm doing..well, wow. So I'm going back to school. IM GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!!! My boss is gonna kill me.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


CNN is celebrating its 25th anniversary this week. Being 27 years old, this list of defining moments manages to span my entire active memory of this world. the big events my life, condensed into sounds bites.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

yes i am becoming a crazy cat lady. its hereditary im afraid.

also, the cat likes to sit on the new scale (first one i've ever owned, i don't think my "i don't care how much I weigh" attitude holds much weight (hehehe) anymore). she weighs 7 pounds and is happy with her svelte physique. of course, she eats bugs and runs around like a maniac all day, and eats like 1/2 of her dish a day, with a side of milk..and the bugs, of course. i might weigh 7 pounds too with that diet.

lets get physical! physical!

So I have been working out after week for 2 weeks now, consistently, for the first time in over a year. yay! i didn't want to announce until it was safe. kinda like the baby thing. but not as serious. by far. since I'm the only one who reads this thing anyway, I figure I will add an excercise and diet diary. why go through the hassle of making myself a chart, i've got my blog. i was worried I was going to have to change the name of this site to obese vita there for a minute, so i got to say i'm pretty proud of myself and my new endeavor. today I ate like a virtuous-type person, I went to the gym and did weights for the legs and half an hour on the elliptal (Set to kill me now level), AND I started my period today, so the sweating was nicely offset by the mind boggling cramps. and...drum the inaugural entry of the ima gonna lose weight and look hot in a bikini blog, i weigh, today...132 pounds. my goal weight is 2001 weight, which is 118. I would be ok with 110. im only 5'3" ya know. and in my other measure of success, my favoritist size 2 jeans..well, i can pull them up and button them, and this is good. now they just need a little room, so as not to be obscene and all.
except for the 132 thing (which is soo gonna change so quick, what with all this exhuberance and energy and I HAVE NO TIME TO EAT CAUSE IM WORKING WAY TOO MUCH) i feel great. whoo!
im not gonna do this everyday. the one person besides me that is maybe reading this..yeah you get an update every three days! and no sooner! unless i magically drop like 20 pounds in a day and then ill tell ya all about it, and how it was that i caught that pnemonia or got food poisoning or whatever.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

A PSA from Obtuse Vita

Attention everyone:
When communicating with me, DO NOT USE "ur" when you mean "your".

phones and beaches

i'm pretty protective of my time, and very protective of my level of relative comfort. i don't usually answer phone calls when I don't recognize the number. that's what my voice mail is there for. last night, i think my radar was a bit off.. i DID NOT answer the phone when the caller was inviting me to tastee diner with himself, sister, and brother in law, but I DID answer the phone for drunken ex-boyfriend to express love and slurred affection. if it was saturday night and i made this grave mistake i'd be pretty pissy.
on a completely different note, i want to go to the beach! i haven't been to the beach in 2 years, except for about an hour at the beach at Krissy Field in San Francisco earlier this month. I shouldn't discount that. But I want a real, Ocean City, Skee-Ball and bonfires, memorial day picnic kinda beach trip. its maryland's only redeeming quality.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

not frugal

so now I'm comparing Safari and Firefox and I have been using them both at random, along with ie for the mac (craptastic) for annoying work apps that refuse to work on real browsers. i feel wasteful. safari...or firefox...safari...or...the debate continues

Sunday, May 22, 2005

does this mean no $4 starbucks lattes?

woke up this morning to a perfect may day and decided to call my parents, see what they were up to. my mom invited me over to just hang out - asked me to bring my cat, Tasha. My mother is in love with my cat, i think, and it doesnt hurt that her cat is in love with my cat, too. so I packed ms. tash up and drove on over, where I proceded to have a lovely lunch, sit in the sunshine, watch the cats play in the garden, and shoot the shit with my parents. the usual conversation. my problems, their advise. priceless, it is. and then this shocker..they offered to pay for me to live...ANYWHERE in the country that is as much as or less expensive than DC (this knocks out only San Francisco and New York), and go back to school. why? I don't know. but isnt that amazing? the only thing I have to figure out is where, when, and holy shit can I go back to being a full-time student dependant on student loans and my folks without losing my damn mind at 27? I have until july to figure it out. wow. wow. OMFG wow.

Friday, May 20, 2005

leonard maltin

for the first time in my life, i just watched a movie, and IMMEDIATELY wanted to watch it again. and I am a harsh critic of movies. therefore, go rent spanglish RIGHT NOW


currently having mu usual friday night dinner of sashimi and wine. and watching spanglish. excellent, excellent movie. especially after watching ROTS last night. and its got me thinking about my mother. about how the thing i want to know most about my mother is how she felt when she knew she wanted to marry my father. how she felt on her wedding day. on the day she found out she was pregnant for the first time with my sister. how she felt when myh father betrayed her. how she forgave him. i'm going to call her in the morning and ask her to dinner and procede to scare the holy bejesus out of her with this line of questioning. but then, i HAVE had three glasses of wine, so who knows.

The problem is I am not an actual DC resident. stupid suburbia.

The title of this blog caught my attention, cause honestly, I'm not much of a fan right now either. But its not nearly as hostile in my case. Just...itchy.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


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This is me, in 2003.

she's got it.. yeah baby, she's got it

Oh I opened a flickr account
and I learned how to link to stuff
And its only just begun. Self-taught internet guru-ing ROCKS! bring on the weekend, murky, and the ibook G4 (bitches, making me wanna spend money).

The internets go to washington

I am not good at being mistaken. I abhor being anything but 100% absolutely knowledgeable and right right right! (oh the state of the world, I write right three times and now I feel all red-statey. Im so blue, trust me. see, forced disclamer).
So, nothing could have ruffled my feathers more than the following conversation:

On the TV: POTUS is speaking about something involving war, social security, or the rapture, etc.. and says something about..."the internets"

Me: *giggle* internets. dumbass
Freakishly genius CS guru A.: actually, the plural is much more accurate.
Me: (shit) oh. yeah. i guess (no idea what i'm talking about)

Let me make fun of the man, DAYUM!! it's all I have!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

mojito-fest '05

for the first time in a long time my work load is not oppressive here at the big-ass consulting firm (motto: we do all the work so the government can keep employing incompetant people!), so I may actually be posting a bit. yay!

yesterday was one of those really good days. it was 85 degrees. around 3 I got the urge for an apres-work beverage al fresco. it was decided that a group of friends would go to coastal flats.
if you are lucky enough to live in northern virginia (err, right, lucky) you may be aware of this coastal flats place. if not, thats okay. all you need to know is they make the best damn mojitos. rum. sugar. limes. mint..all nicely topped off with a big stick of sugar cane. too easy to drink.
from this point forward, i shall refer to yesterday as 'Mojito-Fest '05'. they were that good. yes, i drank 5, and its okay. im alright with that. it was that first day of spring where you feel like its on..the weather is warm, the sun is shining, mellow mood has got ya, friends and attractive folk all around. so perfect.
i ran into an ex-thingy - he's not an ex-boyfriend, cause he was never a boyfriend, just a 'thingy'. he looked good. he's just as much too young for me as he was then. he likes to tell me i think i'm soooo indy. heh.
well today its 60 degrees and raining and generally shite. good thing i got my mojito consumption in yesterday. oh yeah and I clinked a glass to 4/20. in honor of my inner 18-year-old pothead.

by the way - you commenters? i don't know how you got here but dang it, i like you. stay, keep reading, link to me, get ON IT! and thank you!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

bitchin, moanin

10 things to bitch about

1) this one was bullshit
2) My writing is shite and I don't do it enough, which is partly why it is shite
3) I have homework to do and I am procrastinating as usual
4) I feel bad because the cat really wants to go out but i live on a busy street
5) I don't feel sexy anymore i do again
6) I want to touch the naked body of a man I love hehe i did, but i still want to again
7) I want to live somewhere else but I am too scattered to put together a plan
8) I don't have enough money to travel so I can figure out where that somewhere else is. I only know it is on a coast and has good bookstores and coffee shops and unlike DC is not depressing as all hell. and it is called san francisco
9) I am going to be 27 in two weeks and my mom and dad still give me money occasionally, and I need it
10) My former boss's boss is only 29

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

roam if you want to

i'm feeling restless and nomadic. I just caught myself walking down the hall at work whistling...'if you're going to San Francisco..' oh no. oh yes.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

to sleep, perchance?..oh no, i know im gonna dream

im sick and freakin tired of dreaming about the ex-boy. i feel like drew barrymore at the end of 50 first dates.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

well not that wtf...

actually, upon reading that post, I realize that that dream was quite easily explained. I feel like the reason my relationship ended was that i wasnt fully there, 'in the game' if you will. I felt ashamed of my actions (wrong shoes) and self conscious (wrong shoes). And I want him to give me a second chance (I cant change things). Not sure why the ex girlfriend though.
I had a bad dream just before my alarm clock woke me up this morning. I was at some sort of resort camp type thing and there was a friendly game of basketball going on...except it wasnt that friendly. It was the varsity girls squad of my high school. Regardless, I decided I would go out and play. But I didnt have the right shoes.
I was at this resort thing with my recently ex-boyfriend. He really wanted me to play basketball for some reason. I told him I didnt have the right shoes. This apparently was not acceptable, and he got very mad and left.

Let me say at this point that I was terrified of going out to play basketball with the varsity squad in shoes that were wrong - not style wrong - the soles were wrong and would make me slip on the court.

So I suck it up and go over to the bleachers and sit with the team. I explain that I have the wrong shoes. It is okay that I have the wrong shoes, they say. They will take me to get the right shoes and until then I can watch and listen.

In my dream, I am overjoyed. I run to tell the boyfriend (we are apparently not ex yet in my dream) and run smack into him dressed for the pool with his ex girlfriend (whom I know, and used to live with). But I joined the team! I protest. Ex girlfriend takes one look at me and runs off, boyfriend looks upset and says, Im sorry, I made a mistake, but I cant change things now.


Tuesday, February 22, 2005

midnight train to georgia...

its midnight, its a worknight, and i cant sleep. well, i slept fine from 7-9 or so. anyway. I was just sitting in bed, thinking. and then crying. i thought i was done with the crying. and then, my dear cat, who was purring whilst curled in the nook of my armpit, sat up, reached a paw out, and bit my cheek. hard. i love my cat.

Monday, February 21, 2005

for my sister, on the 'BIG THREE OH'

My sister will be turning 30 next week. This marks a turning point in the history of us, two daughters. When we were little, and even into adolescene, we would, from time to time, remark on the three year difference between us and what that would mean as the years passed. When you're 15, I'll be 12, I would say. Yeah! And when I'm 18, you'll be 15, she would reply. The granddaddy of legal age, when she was 21, I would be 18 - full access to anything we pleased. When she was 25, I would be 22! Well, we never, not once, went past 'When I'm 27, you'll be 30!'. That combination seemed so far away that we probably thought it would never actually happen. Well, it has. Next Thursday, my big sister will be 30, and I will be 27 in another two months.
There's a curiosity to aging that has occured to me recently. I've always practiced the time honored tradition of breaking something into smaller parts to make it easier. You have an eight hour work day and youre exhausted? Take a five minute break every hour - itll go faster if you deal with 60 minutes at a time. On the treadmill for half an hour? Change the display to give you one section of the hill at a time - who cant deal with 45 seconds? Quitting smoking? One day at a time.
The curious thing is that we divide the one thing we dont want to all..into neat little segments, which we then celebrate. Why is the anniversary of our birth something we would want to keep counting, so obviously, watching the number grow? Why do we segment into decades with such devotion, while we approach those milestones with fear?
Many people I've talked to over the years mark their thirties as the years they learn to love themselves. What a testament to the complexity of mankind, that it takes THIRTY YEARS to be comfortable with yourself, to start to understand why you are who you are and to come to accept and love that person. I'm not scared of being thirty.
So to my sister, on her birthday, I wish this... Stop counting if only for a while. Look forward to acceptance of yourself. Enjoy, no all out love, that thirty years of you have happened to the world, to me, to our parents. And once in a while, act like we're 5 and 2, or 10 and 7, or 15 and 12, or, god forbid, 21 and 18, but know that we have never been happier.
Happy Birthday!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

inspiration for obtuse vita

vita - a short account of ones life
obtuse - lacking sharpness or quickness of sensibility

hence the inauguration of my blog. i do not expect fans nor legions of readers. i do expect a place to reflect while doing something i love - writing, not typing. inspired by many wonderful blogs i have stumbled accross that have made me laugh and cry out loud as well as sit on the couch reading for an entire sunday afternoon.

so here goes...