Sunday, July 25, 2010

a little about us

What are your middle names?
Mine is Lyn, his is Frederick

How long have you been together?
About a year and a half – since November 2008

How long did you know each other before you started dating?
We didn’t – which is amazing in itself. We went to high school together and have a lot of friends in common

Who asked whom out?
Our friends set us up to meet, and then I asked him to go to a concert with me.

How old are each of you?
I’m 32 and he’s 36

Whose siblings do you see the most?

Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple?
Communications about plans. I kind of wing it and he likes to know what he’s doing when.

Did you go to the same school?
Same high school. He went to Radford for college and I went to GMU and then UMD

Are you from the same home town?
He’s technically from LA but we both spent our teenage years in/around Burke, VA.

Who is smarter?
We are both smart, but our strengths are in different things. We both keep insane amounts of random information in our heads, making us good trivia partners

Who is the most sensitive?
I'm more likely to say when I've been hurt, but he stews over things. I think we're probably equally sensitive, I'm just more vocal about it.

Where do you eat out most as a couple?
We don’t really go out to eat much – I like cooking too much! But when I don’t feel like cooking we order from Paisanos.

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?
Raleigh, NC – I know..such a long trip, haha.

Who has the craziest exes?
We both have some stories.

Who has the worst temper?
I think he does.

Who does the cooking?
Me almost 100% of the time, but I enjoy cooking and he doesn't.

Who is the neat-freak?
He is more neat-freak than me, but neither of us really.

Who is more stubborn?
Me. But he gives me a run for my money.

Who hogs the bed?
Me. And I kick too. A burrito the blankets.

Who wakes up earlier?
He wakes up much earlier to go to work than me but I naturally wake up earlier and am up hours before him on the weekends.

Where was your first date?
Awesome first date. Beers at a little dive bar followed by a Bad Brains concert followed by an election night party followed by watching Obama’s victory speech..because it was Nov 4 2008!

Who is more jealous?
I don't think either of us really are.

How long did it take to get serious?
It happened very quickly – just felt very right.

Who eats more?
Me probably. I’m not sure he’d eat if I didn’t cook for him.

Who does the laundry?
We both do, whenever we need clean stuff. We don’t really do each others laundry.

Who’s better with the computer?
Definitely him with actually taking care of a fixing the computer, and he knows about web design and lots of other things. I, however, am an Excel wiz.

Who drives when you are together?
Almost always me. I’m a nervous passenger and it drives him mad.

feelin kinda ragey

i never talk about work in the particulars here, for obvious reasons. and i'm not going to start now. but man there is something that has happened slowly and then quickly over the past week that has got me all ragey. it will bring change and whether that change is good or bad we shall see.

in related news, i want to move to the beach and be a surfer and a yoga teacher...fantastically original, I know. but since I'm not really going to do that, I need to find a good yoga studio for me in Reston. I loved my one in Arlington and Fairfax...maybe I'll just keep using the Fairfax one? There must be a good yoga studio or five out here in outer suburbia, right?

in other unrelated news, I am taking a weekend trip to philly and am excited!

in other really unrelated news, the new season of mad men starts tonight. hallelujah!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday monday lah lah lah lah lah

Also to add to my favorite things - the Mamas and the Papas.

so...what does it mean when your boyfriend says, maybe I have an engagement ring for you, you don't know. He's just..being difficult, right? for teasing sake? i am in this weird state where I'm all yes, want to get engaged, life with you would be wonderful and oh my god, life is like a really really long time. i didn't really notice it creeping up on me, but I'm kind of really fiercely protective of me. gee, can't imagine what may have brought THAT on. but I'm also a nurturer. kind of a dick, apparently. also very empathetic and caring. I'm just full of contradictions, huh? i have a weird lingering, big WHAT IF question in there too. but it ebbs and flows with its bigness and lingering-ness. oh i need to go think before I keep writing anythng down haha. one of these days i'll be brave enough to attach names to this damn thing. maybe.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

1987 to 1989

First, consider here how skipping grades is starting to affect me - 1987 to 1989, i was 9-11. I was in 5th through 7th grade. yeah, i started 7th grade at a 7th-12th grade school of over 3000 kids when i was 11. This will affect me later. moving on..

In 1987-88, i was in 5th grade and i was pretty much loving life. I was an excellent student, loved my friends, probably started hating my sister a little, haha. i became BFFs with Lori, who would remain my best friend for years to come. i started noticing boys, but they were still pretty gross at this point. i kept playing the violin and enjoyed it and i was still doing gymnastics at Capital. I didn't like training during thunderstorms (I was scared witless of them for years, i love them now), because our gym was in a huge warehouse and man did that sound echo. you try flipping on a 4 inch beam when a thunder crack hits. But overall, yes, still good.

1988-89, 6th grade. Things started getting a little weird. I met Michelle, who would be my best friend well into my 20s. Our pre-teen selves (and Lori, we were a trouble making threesome, haha) had our first drinks - a very poorly executed orange juice and so co (ugh), which we discarded instead for a sam adams, split three ways, taking shots. We also played a LOT of Mario Bros 3. A LOT. School was good, but i the girls were getting cliquey. For the first time in my life I was concerned about wearing the right thing and looking the right way. Guess jeans and hairspray had a lot to do with it at this point. One of the "cool kids" gave me the nickname K-Mart..which I seriously didn't figure out to be an insult until much later. Yeah, my mom bought my clothes at k-mart (actually, it was BRADLEES, thank you very much)..but until this point in my life, it didn't matter AT all. I'm sure this happens everywhere, but i think its ferocity may be specific to well-to-do areas like Fairfax County. I don't know, you tell me.

In 1989, I started 7th grade..I was very proud of my first day of school outfit (good lord, it was bad). I actually got a pair of guess jeans, from the guess outlet store at Potomac Mills (begged, begged, and begged for these. if i only knew in 15 years i would not really blink at spending three times as much, at least, on jeans. my parents were smarter than me, still are). I had a..gulp...perm. I had some seriously kickin buck teeth goin on. I had an athelete's build, a gymnast's posture, and a baby face. oh and yeah, i totally got boobs before all my friends. i was naive. Man, i WAS SO SCREWED.

these are a few of my...

Favorite things:
1) Summer
2) Nighttime in summer
3) thunderstorms
4) the smell of the air in summer after a thunderstorm
5) running
6) the ocean
7) swimming on a hot day
8) fireplaces
9) hardwood floors
10) old creaky houses
11) mowing the lawn
12) cooking
13) cats, specifically the 6 that are part of my immediate family, more specifically, my two
14) all animals really
15) the boston red sox
16) watching hockey
17) spending time with my family
18) a good snow
19) old cars - kharman ghias, volvo 240s, bugs, mercedes, and most of all, 1972 chevelle ss
20) skateboarders
21) the country
22) the city
23) san francisco, ca
24) capitol hill
25) crisp white bedding
26) flip flops
27) laying in the sunshine
28) say anything

Friday, July 09, 2010

1983 to 1986

back in 2005 I started installments of history of my life..thought maybe hell, I'll pick those up again. SO...1983 to 1986, commence.

This is the hardest part of my life for me to remember, so be patient.

1983..I was 5 years old. I lived in Petersburg, VA, i went to kindergarten at Anderson Elementary. I started to hate going to school. I would stall my ass off every morning. One day, I pretended to fall asleep in my dad's car and when we got to school, I just thought i CAN'T let the facade fail, I shall pretend to remain asleep. My plan failed, sadly. My dad carried me into school, into my classroom. I still pretended. They got out a little nap cot for me, lay me down - I pretended all through the morning til lunch. They took me to the principals office, sat me down in his chair (sitting upright of course) - still pretended. I did not LIKE school, people. Dislike button.

Happy memory - May Day, dancing around the may day pole. Principal Cosby. learning to swim.

In 1984 I was in 2nd grade, because I skipped first. This makes me a major genius and gives me bragging rights forever. Ok, not really, it just makes me much younger than everyone I graduated high school with and that lasts forever and is good =) I may have been prouder of this fact, but my sister skipped Kindergarten and in our house skipping grades is de rigeur. Also, fighiting about 2 IQ points and who is smarter (me!) . I adored 2nd grade and I adored my teacher. I no longer hated school. I got chicken pox. That's it.

Happy memory - some dance recital where we had mouse costumes. I loved the mouse costume.
Memory I think goes here - was suppoed to sing You Light Up my Life at some event at school, lost my nerve on stage and ran of crying. Think it was this year.

In 1985, I was in 3rd grade. This year holds 2 big memories. 1) Challenger explosion. We had TVs wheeled in to each classroom so we could watch the launch. It blew up. The teachers flipped, us 7-9 years olds didnt really get what happened. First and only shuttle launch I've ever watched.
2) I found out one of my best friends was really really sick. Christa (hmm, strange coincidence with memory 1, never realized that) had cystic fibrosis, but I didn't know this until I was invited to a sleep over at her house. She was on some kind of respirator all night and I did not sleep for one little second, I was terrified. Her coughing was horrible. I'm sure I hurt her feelings but I was very very frightened. I'm sorry Christa. She passed away when I was in middle school.

Something else very very big happended in my life this year. Not sure I'm ready to share that quite yet, or if indeed, it is mine to share. Life changed quickly, I lost a friend, we lost a neighborhood that we had grown fond of. But I didn't lose much in the grand scheme, and I could have lost a lot. More later, on what I decide is mine to tell. I lost some respect. I didn't lose everything that means anything to me.

Happy memory - Brother's Pizza. Run by the mob. Great pizza. Also, donuts, with powdered sugar and chocolate cream filling. I like food, I guess.

1986 - Here's a big year. We moved to.....Fairfax County, VA! culture shock. MAJOR culture shock. However, I was still wee (8) and in 4th grade at Fairview elementary. My poor sister moved here and a day later started 7th grade a Robinson. Whoa. I loved 4th grade. I had my first crush (Mike Higgins, lookin at you). I got straight As. I started playing the violin. I made new friends (Hi Lori and Marcy!). I played tennis and swam at the Landings community center. Was good. Teendom is creeping up though...stay tuned.

Happy memories - Madonna's True Blue. My neighbor Aileen. gymnastics at Capital.

Hi again old friend

I can't believe I've only posted 5 times since I started this job. I 've been here 3 years! I'm sorry, to anyone out there that actually reads this, and I'm sorry to myself, because the point of the blog is really for me, because I love to write, because writing is therapeutic to me. I have love in my life, great bounds of it. My family is truly incredible - each individual and the group as a whole. Very happy-making. I have love on a personal level as well. My relationship is at that point (almost 2 years) where it is settled and the settled feels slightly unsettled, if anyone can understand that. I'm 32, and I admit that, yes, I do want to get married. But I don't think I want kids. More on this in a bit.

My job rocks, it takes up a lot of my time and my mind and I love it, I'm good at it. Its not any different, I still wish I worked for an organization that I had a deep committment to in terms of purpose, but I love the people I work with every day and that means so very much.

Everything is not roses - I am healthy and capable, but I am still struggling with generalized anxiety and the weight issues that come with the medication for the anxiety. Seems to be no good way out of that one. I want to try accupuncture or other alternative treatments but I won't go off the drugs. My memories haven't faded enough to make me that brave yet. Anxiety limits what I can do, travel, etc. but it no longer limits my day to day life, and for that I am very thankful. I am doing lots of things that should address the accompanying weight issues and while they are having no impact on my weight, they are making me strong and good. I enjoy working out, my body feels good for the effort, I like focusing on what the human body is capable of. I've overcome the singular focus on a number on a scale and that, too, is good. I still, however, feel like the size 4 I was for 28 years and have not yet accepted, and don't think I should accept, that I am not. Its a goal. I shoudn't get used to this. Ideas are welcome, but I'm not going off those damn drugs, they saved me. Mixed feelings on this subject.

so that's out there. I'll be back sooner than 4 months.