Friday, April 28, 2006

there have been a remarkable number of these in the past weeks

but I'm choosing to post and share this one, because 1) its good, and 2) I want to be able to find it again, and 3)its a sobering reality when its all laid out like this.

goin to the chapel

i have a wedding to go to in 2 weeks! that means I finally have license to purchase one of the lovely little dresses available at anthropologie, such as this wee confection!

so happy - oh, yeah, and I'm really happy for my friends who are getting hitched, too!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

do tell

internets, please share with me some good things about being 28. I've got 5 more days to pretend I'm still in my mid-twenties.

Monday, April 24, 2006

preach on, Abe.

In February 1848 Rep. Abraham Lincoln explained his opposition to the Mexican War: "Allow the President to invade a neighboring nation, whenever he shall deem it necessary to repel an invasion and you allow him to do so whenever he may choose to say he deems it necessary for such purpose -- and you allow him to make war at pleasure [emphasis added]. . . . If, today, he should choose to say he thinks it necessary to invade Canada to prevent the British from invading us, how could you stop him? You may say to him, 'I see no probability of the British invading us'; but he will say to you, 'Be silent; I see it, if you don't.' "

Thursday, April 20, 2006


4/20 is ALWAYS a nice, warm, sunny day.

watch out

I'm fairly sure I'm about to make a change of the four-wheeled variety, even though yes I know I just bought my car, and it may be crazy, although I assure you it's not impulsive. I'll post some pics if and when I go for it on this one.

no, hungover means i was drunk yesterday

my head hurts. five glasses of 8 dollar wine and 1 free shot. whoa. toooooooo old for this crap. on a good note, I stayed in bed for what felt like FOREVER this morning, and still got to work at a perfectly reasonable hour. sweet.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


what number sin is greed. or lust. gluttony. envy?

I occasionaly (uhhuh) want things. I am trying to determine which things I want consistently as to not waste money on the fleeting wants. So, I'm making a list.

There is the amazon list

There are the things which amazon cannot bring me. Or just doesn't feel like bringing me.
pretty dishes

a pretty rug or two

some nice simple flatware

and then there's this...

editorial note - it just keeps linking you to the damn pottery barn front page doesnt it, son of a...

Monday, April 17, 2006


I want to buy a Volkswagon Beetle convertible, pref in the 73-79 range. And I can afford it. Technically, I can afford a second car. Its the insurance that is the problem. Insurance on two cars. Not a good idea.

Friday, April 14, 2006


listening to ziggy stardust and rock n roll suicide make me feel very pleasant, and sort of drunk, and I picture myself in skinny jeans smoking and drinking whisky and just generally being kate moss like. without the coke, though. coke tends to make people less than laid-back cool. hmm.

Good Friday fun

I've been at work for 45 minutes, and so far I have:
1) read an advice column, thank you Ms. Carolyn Hax
2) spread the gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (Rachel didn't know about it! And then I spread the word to Ernie, too.)
3) blogged, obviously.
4) got coffee

Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday and all is well

Week one of my new job comes to a close. Its been an interesting move to say the least - I'm stuck somewhere between seasoned employee and babe in the woods. Same company, different team, different role. So far it has been very good though. Getting to put research and analysis skills to use, and that's my preference.

I'm moved in to the new house, but it is still a construction zone (don't ever even think about putting a "done by" date on your calendar when remodeling is involved). Just found out yesterday that I will be getting new custom cabinets installed in the kitchen, which means that I will have in my floors, new stove, new dishwasher, new paint, new sink, new countertops, and cabinets. So basically the only thing left from the old kitchen is the basic structure. I'm sort of fascinated by this event in my life, and entirely unsure of what to make of it yet.

So, still camping at casa de los parents for now. They are probably at National right now waiting to get on their plane to SF, so this house is all mine (although I must share with 3 cats) until Tuesday. Its been nice but a quiet weekend will be nice as well. Who knows whats on tap for the weekend. I'd like to get started on some decorating, but it may be a waste with the construction. Cable and wireless will be hooked up tomorrow for sure.

Back to work then. A happy Friday =)