Tuesday, January 31, 2006

state of the blah

two things:
1) This president has officially rendered me unable to watch the state of the union address. I think this is the first one I will miss since 1990 or so. I just can't watch or listen to him. I am the type of person who hates The Bachelor, American Idol, Jerry Springer, anything really, where I feel not amused but embarrassed for people. I hate to use such heinous crap to illustrate my feelings toward this particular broadcast, but its the best way to express the uncomfortable feeling I get when watching Bush speak. I may once have enjoyed poking fun at this president, but now I feel no joy, just something between apathy and disgust. Sigh.

2) Apparently, someone in California felt the need to keep the phrase "going postal" alive and well. Such a sad story.

Something fun should happen now. Like happy hour and pizza for lunch. Oh wait, yeah, that's already happening. Small smile.

Monday, January 30, 2006


I am very excited, because..I'm goin to Miami (Beinvenidos a Miami!) in late February (just when a few days in a bikini on the beach will surely save me from DC cold weather depression).
And....I'm goin to Las Vegas on March 9th.
And....well, thats it.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

todays horoscope

TAURUS (April 20-May 20). You immerse yourself in the business of making a goal come to life. An illusion of yours is cracked in the process, if not shattered. That's the cost of experience.

geez, im a little scared now. that's some heavy stuff.

Friday, January 20, 2006


I am currently drinking the best cup of coffee i've ever had outside of a coffee shop or ernie's office (he of the espresso machine). I treated myself to a senseo pod 2-cup coffee maker, and it is love-er-ly. I even bought some Milanos to have with my first cup, but the coffee is so good, i dont need one.
I also got an air purifier today, something i've needed, almost literally (oxymoron?) forever.
I figure the 40 bucks for the coffee maker and 40 for the purifier are well spent, because know I don't need starbucks and maybe I wont have an asthma attack, either.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

i hate it when this happens

belle and sebastian & the new pornographers at the 930 club sold out dammit dammit dammit! If any of you internet denizens have tix that you want to share, please do tell.
update: and dammit more they are playing in Louisville at the Brown Theater on 3/9 and its NOT SOLD OUT but I cant go to Lou just for a show....or can i? and I could stay at the Brown...and bring friends...and show them around Lou.....hmmmm, ponder ponder.
update #2): yeah, so theyre playing in LA later in March...so, go see the show, visit LA friends, weekend in Mammoth...sounds like a better plan. Lou is old news =)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

mi casa

rachel and I had some time to kill yesterday on the way to watch football at sabrina's, so we took a little journey over to see my new house. Its so freaking cute I want to pinch its little cheeks, although noone's been doin any gardening for at least a few years. Its a mini-version of a house I lived in, on two seperate occasions, for a few years in my early/mid twenties. I love it, and I haven't even seen the inside yet. Its got a carport and a big ole climbing tree in the front yard and a good sized back yard. it is way back deep in a neighborhood, but still close to such luxuries as Borders and various restaurants. Not too bad of a commute, maybe...that one will be trial and error for a bit. there are endless possibilties. Now, I just have to be good and do a little packing every weekend, so as not to go insane and all when I try to move right around midterm time. Oh, yeah, and I'm taking four classes instead of my usual 2, because I'm crazy, apparently.

Friday, January 13, 2006

make me a man who...

such lists are ill-advised, I know, but still..fun.

sara's perfect man requirements (in no particular order):

1) well-read
2) loves power ballads as much as he loves modest mouse
3) an appreciation of truly great food
4) sense of humor that meshes well with mine
5) tall
6) dark hair
7) green or blue eyes
8) inquisitive
9) able to party like a rock star when warrented
10) also able to have a quiet night at home when warrented
11) great kisser
12) makes me think about sex all the time
13) caring and kind

ill work on this some more...


my doctor just very nonchalantly told me I have a virus that is lasting, oh, a few weeks. wtf? and that I should take 800 milligrams of ibuprofen a day - is that a lot? no, guess not, my nyquil has 500 milligrams of acetimenophen in a "Serving" if you will. of course, doctor made this diagnosis without even setting eyes on me, which means to me that maybe I need a new doctor, cause my self-diagnosis is strep. but then, I don't have one of those MD degree thingies. But she really called me, asked me 4 questions, and then said, treat the symptoms, itll be over in a few weeks. Hellllllo I've already missed 2 days of work a few weeks at this intensity is not acceptable.

See also the post "Saturday Night Fever" for the root cause of my virus.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Its not a state, not a city, its a freakin district, ok?

my long stated assertion that DC is not cool is being challenged. perhaps it is I that is not cool. Perhaps I am, after all, the suburbanite that I so deride. I mean, I did grow up in a place called Burke Centre (yes, with Centre spelled like that, which is such shit). How did I grow into such a cityphile?
anyway, DCist, which can be found here, is starting to open my eyes a bit. The district is cool, people. Northern VA is decidely NOT. however, both areas continue to win awards for relative level of pretention.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


seriously, what is the point of even having a web-based application to track all interview and hiring activity if the information pulled from said app is not accurate. really, how hard is it to have the app pull from the date entered on the little pop up calendar for any particular action, NOT THE DATE THAT THE INFORMATION WAS ACTUALLY ENTERED? it pulls everything based on date entered. So, when people who need to know need reports, guess what I get to do? go through every little transaction to pull the actual date for the transaction. this is 1) a waste of my time, 2) a waste of company money, 3) not fun at all, and 4) freaking ridiculous.
but little analysis freak that I am, I CANNOT LET IT BE INNACURRATE. perhaps this is my own fault, this failure. perhaps people DONT REALLY CARE. but I support economists and statisticians, they like to know about the numbers behind the powerpoint. I can't just make that shit up. SIGH.

Monday, January 09, 2006

saturday night fever

fun things about being single:
1) you can make out with all your friends and noone is gonna give you shit about it.

bad things about being single:
1) see above

lesson learned: alcohol is BAD, ya'll.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

its chaotic yo.

sweet, dude, I'm totally myspace friends with k-fed. too bad that song of his makes my ears bleed.

Monday, January 02, 2006


any true sports fan knows the pain of being, seemingly, a big fat jinx to their chosen team. cards fans, i'm sorry, but it was my cheering, my hand wringing, my cringing, my fist pumping, that caused, undoubtedly, both bryan brohm's previous injury and hunter cantwell's beating to a pulp today. i've never wanted va tech to lose more, and i've never wanted louisville (football that is) to win more. except maybe that miami game, where they also lost in a heartbreaking fashion. i promise i won't watch anymore. go cards! i can't promise not to watch college bball though, sorry, can't. but ill try to root for UK. probably to no avail. boo hoo.