Saturday, February 26, 2011

Feb 26 / 365

Q: Name one item you can't throw out.

A: I'm quite sure I could make a rather long list of these things, but here are a few:

1) my journals from age 19-25 or so
2) my original nintendo and my collection of games - no game will ever be as good as Mario Bros 3
3) my bridesmaids dress from my sisters wedding, although it is quite wee and I am no longer as wee
4) my docs from high school - just can't make myself
5) my grandmother's jewelry - and really, why would I? she has the sweetest collection of roadrunner jewelry

Friday, February 25, 2011

catch up! Feb 22 - 25 /365

Feb 22

Q: What was your prevailing emotion of the day?

A: It was TUESDAY, i can't remember! I guess there is an advantage to doing these on time. bad Sara. I think on Tuesday I was feeling pretty frustrated.

Feb 23

Q: What's the most embarassing purchase on a recent credit card statement?

A: Oh, I'm boring on this one, I only use my credit cards for gas and groceries. Its my debit card statement you want to take a look at :P But even then there are no individual embarassing charges, it is merely the abundance of charges that is embarassing.

Feb 24

Q: Today you've got too much _____________.

A: Strange to say it, but work! But i'm psyched about that, because its a relatively new job and I was struggling with the new job ramp up. I have a hard time when I don't have enough to do, my motivation drops.

Feb 25

Q: What's the last dream you remember?

A: Oh goodness, I have good/weird dreams fairly frequently, but I can generally only remember them for a small time after waking. I actually had a wedding dream the other night, which was a first, and it was about the plans getting all jacked up and trying desperately to find a a place to actually get married. It was weird and my mom was all MOTB from hell and she is just NOT that person, she was very out of character in my dream. mmm. what does it all mean.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

my oscar bets

Best Picture: Black Swan
Best Actress: Natalie Portman
Best Actor: Colin Firth
Best Supporting Actress: Hailee Steinfeld
Best Supporting Actor: Jeremy Renner
Best Director: Darren Aronofsky
Best Animated: How to Train Your Dragon
Best Documentary Feature: Exit Through the Gift Shop

ummm...apparently I liked Black Swan.

Best should have gotten an oscar last moretz for kick ass. dude. saw that movie for the first time yesterday.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Feb 21 / 365

Q: What is the current buzzword?
A: I don't even remotely know.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Feb 19 & 20 / 365

Feb 19

Q: Who is the craziest person in your life?

A: We all go a little bit mad, sometimes, right? This is a tough question. There are people in my life who are crazy in a good way, people in my past that may have been a bit crazy in a bad way. I think we all have a little crazy in us, hopefully. Keeps things from being boring.

Feb 20

Q: What word did you overuse today?

A: Probably "kitty" or "kitten". that's pretty usual for a day when I'm home a lot with the cats. ok now I sound like a crazy cat person. seriously though, fred was wrenching and I spent today cooking, at the gym, thrifting, and reading. not a lot of talking involved. but I did talk to the cat, mostly to tell her to get her ass out of the way while we were watching exit through the gift shop.

Friday, February 18, 2011

13-15 of 365

Feb 16

Q: What was the last performance or concert you went to?

A: That would be Bob Dylan at GW in November. It was a really great experience because 1, it was Bob Dylan - and as I say, my favorite songs of his are my favorite songs, period. 2, because I was able to go with my mom and dad and sister and it was really an amazing family experience. Bob kind of belongs to my parent's generation but they were good enough to share =)

Feb 17

Q: If you could change something about today, what would it be?

A: Thursday was a pretty sweet day, actually. I suppose if I could change one thing it would be the meeting I had in the morning. Can't say much about it here of course but the only thing that would have improved the day would be erasing that part. Also, less work, more outside.

Feb 18
Q: What is the most expensive thing you are wearing now?

A: Well its positively balmy out so I'm not wearing that much. I'm guessing my bracelet, but it was a present and I don't know how much it cost, but its Tiffanys (Fred is good like that). The remainder of my outfit is Old Navy jeans and a Loft t-shirt. Bra by Vickys Secret and panties by Hanky Panky. So of those 4 items my bra wins out, haha.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

11 and 12 of 365

Feb 14
Q: Did you kiss someone today?
A: Of course I did! My lovely love Fred.

Feb 15
Q: Write down the cure for a broken heart.
A: I won't pretend to be an expert on curing broken hearts but I may be an expert on having them. Here's my tried and true if potentially immature approach:

1) Cry it out. Call in to work broken-hearted. Wallow in some girl movies, but try to make them empowering. I suggest Working Girl (not about prostitues, promise). Pretty in Pink. Say Anything (to commiserate with broken hearted Lloyd Dobbler). Stock up your couch with comfy blankets, chocolate, wine, or whatever else you find delicious and comfortable.

2) Go to Sephora. Don't make a hair appointment, break up hair can be great but is more often a mistake. Actually, book a blow out. Book a nail appointment. Go to Sephora and get your make up done. Buy some delicious-smelling bath stuff. Commence pampering of self.

3) Go out with your girlfriends. Talk, laugh, flirt. Don't go home with any0ne. Repeat.

4) Focus on work. You are badass, and you kick ass at work. If this is true, own it, and rock that shit. If it is not, make it true.

5) Hang out with your family (if you are close). If you are wrong, they won't remind you. They WILL remind you what makes you you beyond this guy.

6) Get thee to the gym. Take a kickboxing class. Sweat out the anger. Angry people burn more calories. Plus, you are making yourself stronger physically and mentally. Go.

7) Get some distance. No facebook, no google. No email, no phone calls, no texts. If you can convince him to move away I highly recommend it.

8) After 1 month of focusing on yourself, your awesomeness, your work, your friends, and your family, get yourself set up on a date. Or, go out with friends and do some more flirting. Or, check out online dating. These first few dates are practice for being swinging single and will likely not stick.

9) If you have things unsaid, write them down. Don't send them. There are exceptions to this rule, but be careful, you can mistakenly convince yourself that you deserve an exception. Ask the opinion of a trusted friend.

10) Repeat all of the above as necessary.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

my valentine

look what my valentine gave me! swoon! currently playing the mamas and the papas, the beatles, and the velvet underground. dancing in the living room. yay!

10 of 365

Q: What is your favorite question to ask people?

A: Definitely what is your favorite band or song. I really think the music that people enjoy says a lot about who they are, or more precisely, how they can act. it may be presumptive or foolish, but I think that the diversity of taste and curiosity for new music is an indication of an openness and thoughtfulness in approach to life in general.

Also, i really enjoy discovering music new to me, and I love to hear about bands I may not have uncovered myself.

A question that more often than not follows this question in some manner is one's favorite concert experience. I've been to some pretty major concerts in my time, but 6 stick with me. REM's Monster tour. 1994 Lollapalooza, with L7, Cypress Hill, the Beastie Boys, Nick Cave, the Smashing Pumpkins, and more. Prodigy closing the HFSTival. 1998 Tibetan Freedom, where I saw Thom Yorke and Michael Stipe sing together on stage. 2008 Bad Brains on election night in DC. 2010 Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

9 of 365

Q: what is your biggest obstacle right now?

A: i suppose the answer to that would depend on "biggest obstacle to what?"

right now, my headache and sore throat are the biggest obstacle to having the desire/energy to do much of anything. including blog, i'm afraid, so I'll have to add more to this answer later.

almost 24 hours later and the headache and sore throat are gone - thanks to the very effective medicine called sleeping all day. I didn't know I could sleep so much. But I am feeling better, so I suppose it is what the doctor ordered.

back to tackling the question at hand. I think in any case, one's biggest obstacle is generally themselves, when it comes right down to it. also, time. I would love to have more time in every day.

Friday, February 11, 2011

8 of 365

Q: How did you get to work today?

A: I drove my car, a 2007 VW Convertible. I took 29 to 66 West to 50 to West Ox to Legato. My commute takes 8-12 minutes. IT ROCKS.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

reality TV

in movies and tv, I am always happy when they show the heroine at the gym. my fellow SATC fans will laugh with me when I remind them that while Carrie was always accompanying Charlotte (african dance class) and Sam (yoga) to excercise class, she was always shown half-assing it. Necessary, perhaps, for the witty dialogue, but ultimately unrealistic, as that 45 year old woman has a hell of a dancers body and you KNOW she works for it.

I have no ill will towards those who can stay slim without regular workouts - heck, I was that person for a long long time. I just think the truer and more healthy reality is that you must put in the work to get the better body. Thank you to the sitcom and film writers that recognize that the gym is usually a part of a woman's life, or needs to be if you want that TV/Film star's physique.

6 & 7 of 365

Feb 9

Q: How late did you sleep?

A: Almost embarassingly late - my new commute is so quick that I don't really have to get out of bed until 8am. I prefer to be up at 7am, but sometimes, by body says 8am. I'm okay with that.

Feb 10

Q: If this day was an animal, which animal would it be?

A: Something happy and kind of lazy...ummm, I'm thinking a dog. Like an old, happy dog.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

5 of 365

Q: Are you in love?

A: Abso-freakin-lutey.
I am in a wonderful kind of love. The best. I'm securely happy - I know that sounds boring but its not in the least. I have a best friend who is a lover as well and there's lots more to know about him that I am thrilled to know. Everytime I learn something new I'm re-affirmed in my suspiscion that he's an amazing person with many different talents. And we're getting married.

Monday, February 07, 2011

4 of 365

Q: What are 3 things you have to buy?

A: Oh, you just had to use the word "have" didn't you? I'll take it literally, and then not so literally.

3 things I have to buy: 1) Food. 2) Electricity. 3) Gas.

well that's not very exciting. but it is an interesting excercise to really apply that word to my thought on purchasing. I don't even have to buy those things when it comes down to it. Well, I could grow my own food I have a garden big enough to do so, in fact. I could use candles and the fireplace (well, I could if it wasn't a gas fireplace, i have to buy gas, see #3). I don't have
to buy gas - well, yeah, I do, cause I have to go to work. but I could walk/bus/metro. and then I'd have to purchase transit tickets. still - we really don't HAVE to buy very much, do we?

Taken further, I would certainly say I have to buy clothes, if I hadn't already bought so damn many of them. Seriously, I should be good for years, but only due to starting from this state of overbuying do I not need to buy. Even then, I could sew or knit my own clothes, but would then have to buy fabric, wool, and sewing lessons.

I love the idea of trading/bartering, but isn't that what I'm already doing? The knowledge and service I'm able to provide is my job. I get paid for my job and I trade that for goods.

In all seriousness, this subject hits a little hard for me because I know that I am too much of a consumer. I do, however, make a concerted effort to buy things that are made or grown as locally as possible, with as little harm to the environment as possible. This does backfire..ever priced anti-aging moisturizers made without animal testing? But that is important to me, and so that is where I will put my dollars.

3 things I just have to buy:

1. jcrew brogues
2. steaks and prosciutto from eastern market butcher
3. caffeine free diet coke.

haha, that's more fun!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

mini score

so i dropped by old navy today after my workout to try on their version of the wide leg jean that is making a sweeping comeback (sidenote - i knew everyone secretly hated skinnies). they were just ok, and they didn't carry the short length so I couldn't try those on. while I was there, however, I scored this sweet little grey gingham button down, which i'm sure will become a spring staple - and it was on so much sale, I spent about a starbucks visit on it. its supposed to satiate my desire for this jcrew buffalo check, but so far its not successful. jcrew's site has me in its radar as I am passionately in love with their brogues and can find no comparison - but am stubbornly refusing to buy said brogues, and therefore must visit them cyber-ly from time to time, and therefore come across other such lovelies - i.e. buffalo check shirt.

it may not sound like it, but I just did a major come-to-jesus about my clothes and donating a lot of stuff. i do a lot of window shopping but not as much actual shopping. i just like to think about outfits so that when I see something on sale that is perfect I already know it will fit in my warddrobe. its an approach. i'm trying my best to stick to thrift that I will actually use and/or is great quality, unique + sticking to my basis (AA t's, jeans, cardis) of which I have more than enough. when i want to go shopping, i go to the gym first - i'm sneaky like that!

happy superbowl sunday everyone!

3 of 365

Q: Are you seeking contentment or excitement?

A: While I don't think these are mutually exclusive, I'm going to say contentment. The word contentment makes me think of being happy with exactly where you are. Smiling to yourself as you are curled up on the couch drinking coffee and considering your life, looking up at your surroundings, and those you surround yourself with, and knowing it is good. Feeling safe, satisfied, and happy. That said, why can't you have all this and have moments in your life that excite you? Seems to me that is what life should be.

pictures of me

thought someone looking at this might like to see what I look like. I may post some outfit pics on a semi-regular basis. I'd like to, that is.

giving some slack on the chain of vanity

so , i have a hard time talking about a particular weight. Not to say that I am in denial, as I am and have been for some time been addressing it via diet and excercise, to positive results. here's what I have the toughest time with, I don't eat perfectly (who does?). No, I don't excercise 7 days a week (3-5 actually). could I do those things? yes. but i wanted to establish a maintanable diet/exercise lifestyle, and that's what I have done. It includes dark chocolate squares and lazy evenings sometimes. of course it does, that's life. I'm proud of the progress I've made, and even thought it is tough to dig deeper for motivation once in a while, as I SAY, i've never EVER left the gym saying, you know, I shouldn't have gone today. I try to keep that in mind.

Here's where my real frustration lies. As i said, I don't eat perfectly, but I eat the way someone who maybe has that 5 extra pounds to lose does. I eat mostly lean meats, fish, healthy whole grains, veggies. the aforementioned dark chocolate is my treat. caffeine free diet coke is my vice.

For example, here is what I ate today:

Breakfast - banana, mini whole grain bagel with natural PB and a honey drizzle
Lunch - tofu scramble on wrap, 2 flax seed whole grain pancakes with maple syrup
Dinner - grilled shrimp, quinoa with sauteed mushrooms, grilled asparagus with olive oil and sea salt
Dessert - Scoop of dark chocolate sorbet

Now, I'm experimenting with quinoa and flax, and sometimes I don't get those healthy staples in my diet, but this is pretty typical in terms of a day. Now how overweight do you think I am?

Not 30 pounds, right? But yeah.

I should add that I'm on medication for panic disorder that is notorious for weight gain, as its ONLY negative side affect. In fact, 20 of these 30 lbs stuck themselves to me when I was on Zoloft originally, I came off that and on to Remeron, and added actually another 20, I've lost 10 of that.

Here's what really bugs me, and maybe I'm not giving people credit, or giving them too much thought..People I haven't seen since I was a sleek 122 probably think I've let myself go without caring. That part kills me. I care. I make (mostly) smart choices. I'm not making excuses for myself. I'm facing this, and I'm recommitting to it again, here, and every day, until I feel comfortable again.

Also, kids, there's no such thing as diet cookies. =)


Saturday, February 05, 2011

2 of 365

Q: What are you obsessively listening to?

A: Ah, music. How I love thee. I go through phases, that's for sure. I will never leave behind my love for Neko Case, Radiohead, the Beastie Boys, Bob Dylan, Cat Power, The Stooges, The Clash, The Beatles. I could go on and on and on and on.

Right now I've STILL got Arcade Fire the Suburbs on heavy rotation. Excited to check out the new Fleet Foxes. Dabbling in a little Serge Gainsbourg. First Aid Kit is a favorite. Jenny Lewis, always. Adoring She and Him - heard it in the Whole Foods last night, put a little giddy-up in my step =)

I love being introduced to new bands. Introduce me to some! Please!

Friday, February 04, 2011

a new project!

Hello! I just picked up this amazing book from Anthro
and I decided that I am going to answer the question of the day here on my blog. If I miss a day, I'll catch up with the next post. The idea is to help me return to blogging regularly with some ready-made, and hopefully thought-provoking content. I hope you enjoy it!

Here is the question of the day for February 4th:

Q: Outside, the weather is ______________.

(well dang, could have started with a more interesting question!)

Outside, the weather is..freaking cold. There is a 100% chance of rain and freezing rain this evening. Threats of freezing rain have been the weather theme of the last week. We got a decent snow storm last week and there are still snow piles around our driveway and sidewalks. I very much wish it would stop freezing raining and start snowing. I really dislike winter but as long as it is going to be cold, I would like it to snow. I'm sure Chicago-ans are not feeling me on this one right now.

February and March are always a bit tough for me as I get so excited about Spring on its way. Usually, we get a freak 70-degree day thrown in there somewhere, which keeps me going. Not this year! One thing that IS very nice though is that there is still some light left in the day again - as long as I get out of work by 530. The days getting longer brings a smile to my face!