Sunday, July 31, 2005

gawd, ya'll, this is HARD!

26. I shop when I'm bored. Groceries, clothes, house stuff, whatever really. I spend much less money when Im busy.

27. I am a nomad, but only in my head. I plan on moving somewhere new at least once a week. For the past 4 months, that place has been San something...Diego, Francisco. I like both of those names.

28. Speaking of names, if I have a daughter, I will name her Georgia. Assuming my husband is cool with that. I blame my father and his frequent renditions of "Georgia on my mind" for this.

29. I am very girly when it comes to some things, mainly: hair (highlights, no stylist too pricey, only the best products, and lots of em), skin (I have an exfoliant and lotion problem), and shoes. Not much for the mani, though I do enjoy the pedi.

30. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is the best movie I have seen in a very long time. I ain't kidding.

31. I drink much more diet coke than your average bear.

32. I can sing, but I probably won't.

33. I never go to the library, I only buy books. And I buy a lot.

34. I dated a man who named our cat Snuggles.

susy homemaker

in a domestic loveliness time moment circa 1956, I am super psyched today because my mother surprised me with a present..the cutest and suckiest damn vacuum you ever did see. Its bright green and has a circular handle and its bagless and it sucks real good. When she was here last week, I guess I mentioned that my current vacuum was about as useful as a hummingbird trying to blow the dirt off the carpet. so yay! and...i have cat sitting duties this weekend cause my parents are off continuing their search for the perfect beach house..double yay!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Recipe of the day:

The Meltie (Melty?)
3 pieces sandwich bread, pref. sourdough
4 pieces sliced ham or turkey
2 pieces sliced cheese, pref. cheddar or monterey jack
1 TBSP mayo (optional)
1 slice tomato

Best made in a toaster oven. Conventional toaster/microwave combo yields similar but imperfect results.
If using a toaster oven, assemble sandwich as follows:
Bread,Mayo, Meat, Cheese, Bread, Meat, Cheese, Tomato, Mayo, Bread.
Pop the whole thing in the microwave for 15-20 seconds, until cheese is slightly melted.
Transfer to toaster oven and commence crisping.
When brown, slice and eat.

If no toaster oven, you must toast each piece of bread, assemble sandwich, and then microwave. Beware the mushinating abilities of the average microwave.

Enjoy! =)

numbers 20 through at least 25, we'll see

This part of the list goes out to that special someone...hehe

20)When you're not looking, at 3 or 4 or just 1 in the morning, I will just pass the fuck out. No flopping about. Just out.

21)I have 10 pairs of sleepy pants, aka sweatpants or comfies, mostly stolen

22)I totally wish I knew about every new good band before everyone else, and I tend to believe I discovered certain bands when in fact, I did not. Like Kasabian.

23)I really really love school and office supplies.

24)My style has like, soooo totally improved, you know?

25)Noone understands me but my kitty

Okay, so these are kinda a goof. but mostly true. smiles.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

bah humbug

my mouth tastes funny and it feels like I got socked good in the jaw. can I take sick leave for that? Stupid wisdom tooth. hehe and the title of this post wasnt meant like that, but you wouldnt know if you dont know so...yeah

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

venti dos

following up on my "venti" post re: miller/cooper, I would like to state the following:

karl fucking rove fucking george fucking bush fucking hyprocrite just fire his ass you pansy

thank you.

ical not believe it

fuck! i really wanted to post something about the ical being accurate! fuck! that was on sunday!

one less toof

i just had the most interesting experience. Two hours in the dentist chair, fixing a chipped tooth, filling a little cavity, building up to the main event in such a stomach-clenching way that my sweet dentist actually brought me a Coke and Cheese Bitz to calm my upset tummy.. And then, when I thought I might pass out or throw up if I thought about it one second longer, she numbed me up good and started "wiggling" as she called it, actually felt like she was trying to pull my cheek off. And then I heard the creeeeeeeeeek crack pop. "Ew," I said, "I can hear it." "I know, don't worry, we're almost there. A bit more wiggling." Crack pop grind grind. "urr heh heh," I said. "Are you okay?" "Hum wer fuhfuhnuhnuh". Out come the intsruments...and when I said this clearly, she got a very weird look on her face, like she was just very frightened of me. "That was fascinating," I said. And it was. And I'm still on the adrenaline high. And whoo lawdy do I want to smoke, but nope!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

a few more to add to the list..

12) I love to do crosswords, and I do them in ink. Mistakes be damned

13) I like hot dogs with just ketchup

14) I have a birthmark on my left thigh that looks like a hickey

15) My first word was cat

16) I've seen every episode of Sex and the City at least twice

17) I have three tattoos

18) Everyone thought I was stuck up in high school, but I was just a shy little girl

19) My first drink was a bottle of Sam Adams split three ways between me and my friends Lori and Michelle

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


So I was supposed to have wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow and while not really psyched on that I was still a little bummed when they called to reschedule for Tuesday. Why? Well, I had prepared myself mentally, I was ready for the yankin to begin. And..and this is the worst I have to come up with two, like totally new and exciting work appropriate outfits for the days I was planning on being out. Seriously, that’s what bothers me. Me = crackhead.


I can't believe I forgot Cosmo! I've read Cosmo for at least 10 years. And it sucks! I used to read Seventeen and wonder, who are these people? and was jealous of them and their lives. Now, I read Cosmo and think, oh the poor poor people, they need advice on everything, and they are getting it from Cosmo. But I continue to read and buy, off the stand no less, no subscriptions for me. Why? Because its funny.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

yeah about the work thing

I should be a little more vague, lest I get dooced. doesn't that seem assuming? that someone at work would read these little snippets? still, better safe than sorry, all that.

its mini me

we made an offer to my replacement today. I am feeling like a new mother, a bit. A new mother who plans to abuse the hell out of her child. she starts in 2 weeks. this is v. exciting and v.v. scary. that means: 1) I have to get organized to the point that the whole system makes sense to anyone but me, 2) I have to gear myself up to prove myself in a new role, 3) I have to continue to actually DO my job while trying to teach someone else how to do it, and 4) I have to plan a small vacay for the approximate time I'm going to lose my damn mind, or..about 5 weeks from now.
still. happy good things.

more than 10 things...

I'm starting a "100 things about me" list. No, I don't have the patience to think of 100 things right now. But I will get there, rest assured. Here are the first few anyway:

1) I would gladly have miso soup for three meals a day for at least a week. I like it THAT much

2) I have read every issue of the following magazines every month for the last five years: Vogue, Elle, Bazaar, W, Marie Claire, Allure, Glamour, Vanity Fair, and Jane(since it came out). Seriously.

3) I was a competitive gymnast until I was 14. No, can't even do a split anymore.

4) I look exactly like my father. Except for my hair, which is exactly like my mom's.

5) My sister and I were polar opposites and fought constantly until she left for college. She is now my favorite person.

6)I have been in love twice.

7)I have been in lust at least 10 times.

8)My favorite place in the world is the base of my tree in Cherokee Park in Louisville, KY.

9)I have been playing the violin for 19 years.

10) I have been a salesperson, retail manager, and am currently a recruiter by profession, have been very successful in all these endeavors, yet..I am very shy about talking to people I don't know

11) I hate both hard pretzels and jelly beans

good for a laugh

this is freaking hilarious

Monday, July 11, 2005


originally uploaded by saralyn.
This is my favorite Bloom County of all time. Enjoy!

Friday, July 08, 2005

and i miss you

like the deserts miss the rain

yellow ribbons

about..oh, three, four years ago I met a Marine named Gavin at a piano bar downtown. Gavin had possibly the most perfect smile I've ever seen. I told his friends I'd give him a lift back to the barracks (god, that makes me sound so white trash..people, there is a marine base in DOWNTOWN DC) and we spent the next 3 hours pretending to be lost and bouncing our way through the city like a pinball. We'd stop to call his buddies for directions, stop for a potty break, stop to make was a great night. My on and off relationship got on again soon after and I threw Gavin's number away. He called the house once but my roommate didnt write down the number. I wondered today..and this is morbid..if he is alive. There arent any military people in my life so I am able to see the news every day and not worry about my loved ones, but I know I am very alone in this priveledge. No matter HOW MUCH i hate this war, I want it to be known that I DO support our troops. I hate that I see the support the troops stickers only on the same cars that I see the W 04 stickers. I am allowed to be opposed and continue to be a patriot.

new digs

i think i want a new apartment. but where...oh where...THAT is the ultimate question. How much waiting is prudent? How much greener is that grass, and last but not least, can i BE that West-Coast girl or am I destined to be on this coast forever-more? Obviously this is a lot bigger than studio vs 1 BR.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

good morning

Ahh, stretch, yawn, scratch scratch..I feel like Im waking up from the madness that has been my professional life for the past few months. It may be the fact that I have help in the form of the worlds best intern..or that Im interviewing for my replacement as I transition in to my new position, but..I can see the light and I feel ok. The date from last weekend asked me to go sailing this weekend - very nice offer, but its midterm time. I have another date (different guy) Monday night - for some reason this upcoming one is making me apprehensive. And I totally can't spend another dime on clothes (2 new pairs of shoes today) so I will have to survive without a brand new I-feel-fabulous date outfit. At least I have my new Sevens. Jeans are such the shit. Im a little drooly over the new line at Banana - so so so so my style. Must remember that when budgeting for what, 3 weeks from now when all that stuff goes on sale? And they're out of all size 2-6 and Smalls, cause well, that's what they always run out of first. And the size 37 shoes.
OOh and I might be going out to La-la Land in a few weeks. Continuing my get-acquainted-with-California-tour.
On a completely unrelated and serious note, at about 3 this afternoon, the London office of my company reported everyone accounted for and safe. Thank goodness, SOME kind of good news today.


I hate that the American Media feels that it is appropriate to either 1) mention the explosions in London and then go back to coverage of Luther Vandross' funeral or 2)get all up in your face man-on-the-street coverage (a la Fox this am). Citizens of London, my heart goes out to you. I hate that the our world continues in this state. You will rebound from this, but don't let America be your example. Don't lose your voice or give up any freedoms.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

um yeah i forgot about this stuff too

oh and...following up on some things. the date was good. we had many drinks at an outdoor cafe and then went to a party and then finished up the night going through the cd collection outside on the porch with our bottles of heineken. we could be best friends but their was no spark. and it don't mean a thing if it aint got that zing, right? right. back to the drawing board. or not. honestly not caring entirely much right now, I haven't been single in a LONG time and have only been single here for about what, 5 months? since I started this blog anyway. But I digress, I have a drinks date next Monday so who am I kidding?
Also, on the whole diet log thing I have been doing well but kind of inactive due to the LIFE CONSUMING PILES OF WORK TO DO, so while I've been eating celery and other gross but beneficial foods I have not set foot on a treadmill for at least 6 days. I think I weigh like 128. So, yeah. Progress, meet life.
Tata for now-


I have a problem with some things.
First of all, This New York Times Miller/Cooper CIA source thing. These are journalists adhearing to promises made as a professional and they (well, Miller) have been sent to jail for an indefinite amount of time for not revealing their source. Is this as ridiculous and maddening as I think it is?
Second, the anniversary of the Scopes trial is around this time. 80 years later, the debate is still continuing. People actually continue to protest the teaching of evolution in science classes around the country and demand that creationism and/or intelligent design be given equal attention. Let me just say something here..yes, evolution is a theory, but it is supported by evidence, lots of evidence. It is worth teaching to our children, and it is based in scientific reasoning. Creationism and intelligent design are one hundred percent faith based and belong not in school but in church and in the home. You don't expect your children to learn about the story of Noah's ark or the resurrection of Christ in public school - why is this issue different? If you are that concerned about your children losing their faith because they are taught about evolution in biology class, you need to learn what it means to become a well-informed adult and you need to understand a bit more about your sophmore-aged child.
FIrst amendment rights are being repealed, the age of reason is being negated in favor of the evangelical fundamentalist church. These are the issues here...honesty, loyalty, keeping one's word, education, opening one's mind to new ideas. How honest is anyone being with themselves when they lash out against these things? Does the fundamentalist Christian really believes that new ideas will destroy their faith? If so, how strong is their faith? Has the government really become capable of convincing people to give up their first amendment rights in the name of the Patriot Act? Who are these people running my country and why have they become so scared that they are willing to vote away everything we hold dear?
What do you think?

Friday, July 01, 2005

stupid datey thing

I have a date tomorrow. I dont want to go on a date. i have no idea why im going on a date. i want my person who knows me better than i do and i want him to be happy cause when hes happy hes amazing and when hes not he drives me freaking nuts. but im not that great when im unhappy either.