Thursday, April 21, 2005

mojito-fest '05

for the first time in a long time my work load is not oppressive here at the big-ass consulting firm (motto: we do all the work so the government can keep employing incompetant people!), so I may actually be posting a bit. yay!

yesterday was one of those really good days. it was 85 degrees. around 3 I got the urge for an apres-work beverage al fresco. it was decided that a group of friends would go to coastal flats.
if you are lucky enough to live in northern virginia (err, right, lucky) you may be aware of this coastal flats place. if not, thats okay. all you need to know is they make the best damn mojitos. rum. sugar. limes. mint..all nicely topped off with a big stick of sugar cane. too easy to drink.
from this point forward, i shall refer to yesterday as 'Mojito-Fest '05'. they were that good. yes, i drank 5, and its okay. im alright with that. it was that first day of spring where you feel like its on..the weather is warm, the sun is shining, mellow mood has got ya, friends and attractive folk all around. so perfect.
i ran into an ex-thingy - he's not an ex-boyfriend, cause he was never a boyfriend, just a 'thingy'. he looked good. he's just as much too young for me as he was then. he likes to tell me i think i'm soooo indy. heh.
well today its 60 degrees and raining and generally shite. good thing i got my mojito consumption in yesterday. oh yeah and I clinked a glass to 4/20. in honor of my inner 18-year-old pothead.

by the way - you commenters? i don't know how you got here but dang it, i like you. stay, keep reading, link to me, get ON IT! and thank you!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

bitchin, moanin

10 things to bitch about

1) this one was bullshit
2) My writing is shite and I don't do it enough, which is partly why it is shite
3) I have homework to do and I am procrastinating as usual
4) I feel bad because the cat really wants to go out but i live on a busy street
5) I don't feel sexy anymore i do again
6) I want to touch the naked body of a man I love hehe i did, but i still want to again
7) I want to live somewhere else but I am too scattered to put together a plan
8) I don't have enough money to travel so I can figure out where that somewhere else is. I only know it is on a coast and has good bookstores and coffee shops and unlike DC is not depressing as all hell. and it is called san francisco
9) I am going to be 27 in two weeks and my mom and dad still give me money occasionally, and I need it
10) My former boss's boss is only 29

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

roam if you want to

i'm feeling restless and nomadic. I just caught myself walking down the hall at work whistling...'if you're going to San Francisco..' oh no. oh yes.