Tuesday, November 27, 2007

and then?

soooo yeah! 5 months later here, and I feel inspired to type some words rather that use this page only for its links to other, more shall we say, attended to blogs. i have a new job, a new dog, a new wonderful people in my life. tis almost December and Christmas hullabaloo is about to come crashing down. many of my formally single friends are now happily settled in relationships and dynamics have changed.

i still feel a bit shocked and damaged and lost about E moving away, although that was 7 months ago. apparently the memories of 12 years do not go softly into the good night. go figure. but i am healing, i think. i struggle with thoughts that this is NOT my one, my lobster, so to speak. i actually still cannot truly fathom it. but i feel justified in my stubborn pouty behavior at times, because its helping me through. also helping me through, gene weingarten's excellent Tuesday chats. which i must go read now.


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