Monday, January 23, 2012

high end

so, I've had this conversation with many a people. There are tiers of clothes. You've got your 3 tiers of Gap: Old Navy/Gap/Banana. This one company pretty clearly represents the "mall" categories.

Your UrbanOutfitters/Anthro dichotomy.

Your Madewell/J Crew.

So, after a certain amount of years of working fairly hard and progressing in my career, I would say I am now solidly in the J Crew / Anthro / Banana world, with some forays into the mid-range brands of a Nordstroms, or say a Club Monaco or so. My jeans fall into the Citizens / Hudson genre. That is not to say that I no longer shop at the Targets or Old Navys - nay, I am merely saying where I top out.

My bags are also of this tier, what I call the Coach tier.

My question, the ongoing conversation, is how much money do you have to have to progress to the Elizabeth and James / DVF tier? or eve the Chanel/Oscar type tier? For the most part, I say, I can't imagine having the kind of disposable income that would allow me to spend $3000 on a dress or $8000 on a bag. Can you imagine? I don't think I would ever want to! Who are these people and how much disposable income do you have to have before you pay a mortgage for pants?!?

I can see myself at the Elizabeth and James / DVF tier, say, if I wanted an iconic DVF dress, or something really special came out that was a couple hundred bucks, and on sale, and I loved it, and would wear it every day if necessary, and it was extremely versatile, and if it was the best thing ever made to put on one's body, etc. etc. I haven't gone there yet.

Now, I never can really imagine myself wanting that upper tier. Its not worth it. It's silly. And then, then I see these pants.

Actually, the whole outfit. Its perfection. I wish I had it on today. And tomorrow. This is Oscar de la Renta, by the way.

And then, then, because I've not lost my mind, nor changed my mind...I become very very thankful that the J Crews, the Bananas, and the like..they will copy the hell out of the Oscars. And then, then I may have cerulean trousers.

And then I realize...wait, I already can...

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NESHA said...

haha i love how you word things!