Monday, March 12, 2012

manual labor

I spent yesterday in the garden, clearing out all of the winter cover and dead leaves and a few crawly things and some old pear cores. I planted a bed of spring flowers and a bed of veggies - kale, brussels, and broccoli.

I raked and dug and lifted and bagged and scraped and cajoled (damn weeds, need cajoling). I took the cats outside for a little bit of fresh air and plant chewing. I laid back and felt the sun on my face.

I did the back garden, and our little front plot, and our row of hostas down the driveway. There is a lot of stuff that just looks like tilled dirt, but give it a few weeks.

And today? yeah, I am sore in places that P90X doesn't reach, haha. My wrist is sore (weed cajoling). My butt is sore..squatting, standing, repeat. My arms are sore.  Gardening is no joke. Somehow I manage to forget this each winter. Also probably why my mama is in such awesome shape.

It is such a good kind of sore, though. Its nice to do some manual labor every once in a while =)

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