Thursday, June 14, 2012

i'm strange, aren't we all

you wanna know something quite unusual about me, a 34-year-old, modern, American female? I'm not self-critical, pretty much AT ALL. I don't berate myself about how much I weigh (I do think about it), I don't think I'm not good/smart/pretty enough. I have confidence. It doesn't actually occur to me that I can't do things.  I don't beat myself up about really anything (should I? Maybe I need to a bit more, haha. Maybe that is where that whole temperance/self control thing comes from). I've always been impulsive, and maybe that has much to do with it.  Where did it come from? No idea! I'm guessing my parents did some good parenting!

I'm not trying to be a braggy jerk here, it's actually something I find interesting and a bit perplexing about my  personality. 

What I do think about though, what I would love to know, is how others see me.  Wouldn't everyone like to step outside and check themselves out for a minute? Good thing noone ever can, cause who knows what it would do to the world!

The other day a coworker said to me - she's just like you, she just knows stuff. Haha. That made me laugh. That made me smile, and wonder, just for a minute, hey, am I some kind of smarty pants know it all loudmouth person?

Probably. And that's okay too =)

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