Thursday, July 07, 2005

good morning

Ahh, stretch, yawn, scratch scratch..I feel like Im waking up from the madness that has been my professional life for the past few months. It may be the fact that I have help in the form of the worlds best intern..or that Im interviewing for my replacement as I transition in to my new position, but..I can see the light and I feel ok. The date from last weekend asked me to go sailing this weekend - very nice offer, but its midterm time. I have another date (different guy) Monday night - for some reason this upcoming one is making me apprehensive. And I totally can't spend another dime on clothes (2 new pairs of shoes today) so I will have to survive without a brand new I-feel-fabulous date outfit. At least I have my new Sevens. Jeans are such the shit. Im a little drooly over the new line at Banana - so so so so my style. Must remember that when budgeting for what, 3 weeks from now when all that stuff goes on sale? And they're out of all size 2-6 and Smalls, cause well, that's what they always run out of first. And the size 37 shoes.
OOh and I might be going out to La-la Land in a few weeks. Continuing my get-acquainted-with-California-tour.
On a completely unrelated and serious note, at about 3 this afternoon, the London office of my company reported everyone accounted for and safe. Thank goodness, SOME kind of good news today.

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