Tuesday, July 19, 2005

one less toof

i just had the most interesting experience. Two hours in the dentist chair, fixing a chipped tooth, filling a little cavity, building up to the main event in such a stomach-clenching way that my sweet dentist actually brought me a Coke and Cheese Bitz to calm my upset tummy.. And then, when I thought I might pass out or throw up if I thought about it one second longer, she numbed me up good and started "wiggling" as she called it, actually felt like she was trying to pull my cheek off. And then I heard the creeeeeeeeeek crack pop. "Ew," I said, "I can hear it." "I know, don't worry, we're almost there. A bit more wiggling." Crack pop grind grind. "urr heh heh," I said. "Are you okay?" "Hum wer fuhfuhnuhnuh". Out come the intsruments...and when I said this clearly, she got a very weird look on her face, like she was just very frightened of me. "That was fascinating," I said. And it was. And I'm still on the adrenaline high. And whoo lawdy do I want to smoke, but nope!

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