Friday, November 25, 2005

grateful and more grateful

part one..for things that I am thankful.
my dear, warm, funny, smart, engaging, beautiful, stressed out, family.
husbands who go pick up grandmothers when the rest of us are fighting over sweet potatos. brody the dog who I got to walk in the snow in the mountains past the horses and the smoking chimneys. friends, new and old. my twin fighting ninja kitties. fireplaces. big screen tvs with football surrounded by two generations of the family men. good books. actual houses with driveways that I may soon be a proud owner of.

part traditions.
i've decided to start a tradition of traveling each year on my birthday. when I was 26, I went to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby. Last year, at 27, I went to San Francisco...and then to the Derby yet again. A blissful 12 days away from work. Sigh. This year, Im leaning toward California again, but I'm also leaning toward...Seattle, Boston, Jackson Hole, Italy, Greece, Spain, Sweden and...well, yeah, some others. Also considering a three week cross country extravaganza, but I have a sneaking suspiscion that will wait for 29. But that won't stop me from starting to map that trip now.

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Ed Provencher said...

Let me know if you head to Sweden... my brother lives there and I'm sure you could spend a couple days at his house.