Wednesday, January 11, 2006


seriously, what is the point of even having a web-based application to track all interview and hiring activity if the information pulled from said app is not accurate. really, how hard is it to have the app pull from the date entered on the little pop up calendar for any particular action, NOT THE DATE THAT THE INFORMATION WAS ACTUALLY ENTERED? it pulls everything based on date entered. So, when people who need to know need reports, guess what I get to do? go through every little transaction to pull the actual date for the transaction. this is 1) a waste of my time, 2) a waste of company money, 3) not fun at all, and 4) freaking ridiculous.
but little analysis freak that I am, I CANNOT LET IT BE INNACURRATE. perhaps this is my own fault, this failure. perhaps people DONT REALLY CARE. but I support economists and statisticians, they like to know about the numbers behind the powerpoint. I can't just make that shit up. SIGH.

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