Sunday, August 14, 2011

8/1 - 8/14 365

Aug 1st
Q: Do you need a cold shower?
A: No, I'm good.

Aug 2nd
Q: Describe the room you're in right now.
A: Well, its less one room than many. I'm in the kitchen sort of. Ok. So, I'm sitting on the couch in the middle of this room. Behind me is the kitchen island, with the sinks and dishwasher. In front of me is an ottoman and a TV, and a fireplace. To my left is the staircase leading upstairs and farther to the right is the dining room. To my right is outside..or the door leading on to the deck. The room is painted yellow in front of me and olive behind me (this isn't going well). There is a Pollock print in front of me and a Robert Bechtle print to my left. Its sunny outside. There is a side table next to me with smart water and some remotes on it. The cat is napping on a whole foods bag on the floor next to the table.

Aug 3rd
Q: What do you lie about?
A: Hmmm. Not much. Can't think of anything right now.

Aug 4th
Q: When was the last time you were on an airplane?
A: Wow, too long ago. Summer 2007 I think, to Chicago?

Aug 5th
Q: Today you destroyed...
A: weeds, crabgrass, lots of weeds

Aug 6th
Q: Who are you?
A: Me. I'm keeping it simple.

Aug 7th
Q: What was your last great meal?
A: I have lots of darn good meals - and I really enjoy cooking. But the last truly transcendant meal was probably breakfast at the L'Auberge Provencal B&B. So sooo so good. I mean, eggs laid by hens that morning. Melon berry sorbet soup. Polenta. Sausage, made there. Croissant. Best coffee. Yummm.

Aug 8th
Q: Do you make enough money?
A: Enough for what? Yeah, I make plenty, but I have a lot of bills, too. Trust me, I'm not complaining about my salary nor my standard of living, I'm paid well.

Aug 9th
Q: Write down your last sent text message
A: "I'll be home in about an hour"

Aug 10th
Q: What are you running from at this moment?
A: Nothing.

Aug 11th
Q: How many stamps are on your passport?
A: I don't have a passport (hangs head in shame)

Aug 12th
Q: What is your resolution for tomorrow?
A: Soak in the weekend.

Aug 13th
Q: What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning?
A: Did I not answer this before? Ok then. Head out to pick up coffee and bagels. Come back and have a nice breakfast and do first the Soduko, and then the Washington Post crossword. This should take til 11 or so. Absolute perfection is to do all of this at the beach, with the deck as the venue and the ocean as the view.

Aug 14th
Q: Did you complete your to-do list for the day?
A: Don't have one today, so yes.

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