Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8/15 - 8/24 365

Aug 15th
Q: What do you like best about your body today?
A: That my legs feel strong.

Aug 16th
Q: What question (or questions) do you love to answer?
A: What are your favorite books? What is your favorite music? What does your dream house look like?

Aug 17th
Q: If you had to spend five years in prison, what would you finally have a chance to do?
A: Write a book, and get into the best shape of my life. Still, not a great option.

Aug 18th
Q: What's your favorite piece of clothing?
A: Right now, for work, my navy Talbot's slacks. I'm going to wear those things out. Not for work, jeans and any of my grey american apparel ts

Aug 19th
Q: _____________ really bothered you today.
A: I know lately I've been mighty peeved with those not following instructions

Aug 20th
Q: Whose team are you on?
A: Whatever team Coach Taylor's leading. Haha. No really.
Also, I'm on team Mallory-Shahidi. Its a good team.

Aug 21st
Q: In 140 Characters or fewer, summarize your day.
A: I wasn't feeling well, so spent most of the day on the couch with FNL.

Aug 22nd
Q: What can't you forget?
A: The words to I Remember by Skid Row.

Aug 23rd
Q: Yes or No: Everyone should have a backup plan.
A: ehhhhhh Yes. It is important to have goals, and to have stretch goals.

Aug 24th
Q: Write your recipe for creativity
A: 1 part time, 1 part inspiration. Stir, mix, whisk, etc.

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