Tuesday, August 02, 2005

and a lil somethin new

I think you, internet, need to know about a day in the life. What interesting things happened to Sara today?
Today, I had an interview at 9. Not me interviewing, I'm a recruiter, had an interview coming in. I woke up at like 7:45. Not enough time. Didn't wash hair thoroughly, worried about being stinky with funky hair.
Sat in traffic a la Office Space, minus gansta rap.
Arrived at work at exactly 9:02.
Went downstairs to meet candidate.
Spent 2.5 hours compiling hiring reports for July and August.
Went to weekly meeting
Sat in weekly meeting for 2 hours
At desk, tried to prepare for transition into new role.
Spent a few hours arguing via myspace with Mr. Guy.
Stayed late writing Survival Guide for replacement.
Deflected dinner invitation from co-worker
Went home
Ate nachos
Talked to Mr. Guy.
Watched Gilmore Girls
Chatted with T and M
Blogged with glass of Pinot

Wasn't that enthralling? I'll try to do something stupid tomorrow to make it more interesting. Or maybe I'll just make something up. Cause really...I'm married to my job, and this is my life Mon-Fri. Well, Thursday this week. Yay! I'm sorry, internet, for putting you through that.

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