Thursday, September 01, 2005

living in a material world

I did something grown up yesterday. And then I did something achingly immature. I went to the bank at lunch and wrote the biggest check I've ever written to open an investment account, stowing my savings safe and sound and where I can't get anywhere near it for several months and/or years. Look at me being all adult like. And then, I went to the mall and bought a suit, 2 pairs of pants, some shoes, Prada perfume (yes, with the old fashioned bottle), had a bit of a spree at Sephora, and got a very nice little sparkly thing from Nordstrom. (Maybe a bit immature. Sprees are not mature). But I used a coupon! 20% off, yes indeed.(Again, mature) And then I felt horribly guilty,so I sent money to the Red Cross and the Humane Society. (guilt is definitely mature).
I think my mature and immature are having a grand internal battle to the death. Who should I root for?

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