Wednesday, February 22, 2012

more quizzy!

i love answering these.

01. If you could live anywhere in the world for a year for free where would it be and why? 

 I would say San Francisco, because it’s my favorite city. BUT! I think it would be very advantageous to take this opportunity to live abroad, so I'm going with Stockholm, Sweden. Because it’s my ancestral home, and because it is beautiful. And has so much going for it from a socio political aspect that I would love to understand up close.

02. If you had to be on a reality tv show which one would it be?  
Is there a reality show where I get to have my whole house repainted, bottom floor carpet removed/slate tile added, have my deck replaced and have all new mid-century modern furniture? No? there a reality show where I get to drive really really awesome cars? Like, can I be the star in the car on Top Gear? 

03. What's the story behind your name? 

I am named Sara after a family friend (who I am now friends with on facebook, which is sort of awesome). The Lyn is a reference to my aunt Linda and my grandmother, Evelyn. I was also born in LYNchburg, so maybe that's how they arrived at the spelling, but noone will cop to it. Also, my mom once told me she wanted my sister and I to have the same amount of letters in our names, in the same pattern. And we do. 4-3-7.

04. What was the first concert you went to?

Madonna's Blond Ambition tour. Heck yah.
 The second was Vanilla Ice =( Oh who am I kidding, that was awesome.

05. Who inspires you most right now? 

 It may sound strange, but a blogger I've recently discovered - Posie Gets Cozy

07. What famous person do people say you look like?

Ashley Judd or Jennie Garth. I also get the woman from Dharma and Greg..Jenna Elfman. My mom thinks I look like her.

08. When you were first asked what you wanted to be when you grew up what did you say? 

A lawyer

09. What magazines do you subscribe to? 

Vogue, Good Living, Martha Stewart Living, Shape, Fitness, Bust, Brooklyn Mag

10.What was your favorite color as a kid. How about now?

Oh, it was purple when I was a kid. Lots of purple. It is now orange.

11. What is your earliest memory?
My third birthday.

12. If Ryan Gosling & Joseph Gordon Levitt both proposed, who would you pick? {you have to choose one or the other & you can't say neither} JGL.

13. If money wasn't an issue, what's one thing you would purchase? Volvo 240. Oh gosh, that’s shooting pretty low for money being no issue. Okay, Audi R8. Also, house.

14. First kiss?
12th birthday party

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