Tuesday, May 29, 2012


i didn't take a picture of my outfit today, but it was a point of discussion with Fred this morning. When I came downstairs in my outfit, he said, umm, I don't know about those. Those are..a lot. Haha. I told him, hey, they make a full suit of it, imagine that! He said perhaps I should stay in my office today, haha.

I told him I'd see how much ridicule I received in the office today - so far, none, although I haven't seen my boss yet. Ridicule is his fav.

So, you are probably curious, what IS she wearing? its not even that adventurous! Here's what I've got on..

j crew tippi in navy, ikat linen slacks from Loft, Faye wedges from Loft.

Honestly, I'm not so easily scared off =)

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