Wednesday, May 10, 2006


spastic colon + french dip with horseradish and au jus + fear of pooping in public toilets = quick drive home today for potty break and nap. Yes, I AM that kid from American Pie.


DirtyDirty said...

Fear of pooping in a public restroom? You need to chat with Motown Sabby about that...she'll put you in the know. My personal favorite technique is the "Camo Cough." Whatever technique you decide to go with, just get over this ridiculous hang-up.

(Watch: You'll probably go through some systematic desensitization program to get over this nonsensical fear, only to later find out that you've contracted a topical rash or STD from said practice)

birru said...

If you're just embarrassed and it's not a hygienic issue, don't wear distinctive shoes. Problem solved.

Sara said...

boys don't understand this. its a girl thing, trust me.

birru said...

One must learn to poo with pride.

You know, the saddest thing of all is that Sara has written with erudition and feeling on a number of other subjects within her blog... and we all comment on matters fecal.