Friday, February 25, 2011

catch up! Feb 22 - 25 /365

Feb 22

Q: What was your prevailing emotion of the day?

A: It was TUESDAY, i can't remember! I guess there is an advantage to doing these on time. bad Sara. I think on Tuesday I was feeling pretty frustrated.

Feb 23

Q: What's the most embarassing purchase on a recent credit card statement?

A: Oh, I'm boring on this one, I only use my credit cards for gas and groceries. Its my debit card statement you want to take a look at :P But even then there are no individual embarassing charges, it is merely the abundance of charges that is embarassing.

Feb 24

Q: Today you've got too much _____________.

A: Strange to say it, but work! But i'm psyched about that, because its a relatively new job and I was struggling with the new job ramp up. I have a hard time when I don't have enough to do, my motivation drops.

Feb 25

Q: What's the last dream you remember?

A: Oh goodness, I have good/weird dreams fairly frequently, but I can generally only remember them for a small time after waking. I actually had a wedding dream the other night, which was a first, and it was about the plans getting all jacked up and trying desperately to find a a place to actually get married. It was weird and my mom was all MOTB from hell and she is just NOT that person, she was very out of character in my dream. mmm. what does it all mean.

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