Monday, September 19, 2011

monday monday

Welcome back to work! Umm, yay! Ok, its not so bad.

I forgot to take an outfit picture this morning, what with the shocking of the system into having to be places at certain times and all that. But never fear, the internets are here to help, as best they can.

Picture this, if you will. Today, I am rather monochromatic.

I have on this sweater:, which is the Tippy from J Crew (sidenote: I own 4 colors of this sweater and counting. It is delicious).

Paired with these slacks, or approximate. I can't grab the Talbot's photo, sorry! They are navy slacks, and delightful. I don't understand why I never bought navy pants before, they go with everything. I should probably just buy another pair now.

With these, I have on these here platform pump loafer doo-hickeys

Also, I have a major crush on these shoes.

There is another color of these shoes, shown in the September Vogue, and they are not available online. Don't mess with me, Nine West, I will find you.

My necklace is multiple years old from Anthropologie and my bracelet is from J Crew but apparently not cool enough to be on the site anymore. Sigh.

Tomorrow, I will try to remember to take a picture so you don't have to imagine so much. But while you're at it, imagine me at a size 4. K thanks.

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