Thursday, September 08, 2011


Hello lovelies! I have random thoughts in my head, and rather than posting to Facebook ad naseum, I thought I'd post them here.

1) Speaking of Facebook, I hope it does get hacked on November 5th. I don't exactly dislike Facebook - and I certainly participate. I just also like the concept of taking down such a power, given that it will not harm nor endanger anyone. I'm all for the revolution.

Funny story - I mentioned this (on Facebook no less) and I had a comment back saying..funny how they used the date from V for Vendetta. Well..yes...but. Its Guy Fawkes night. There is some history there. And while V for Vendetta is a great movie, it is not based on an original concept. I'm not making fun - more of an observation of cultural references.

2) I have this song in my head, often.

3) Who else is completely psyched about The New Girl? I am.

4) Did you know that Zara has its US online shop open now? Heck yes.

5) It won't stop raining!

6) Has everyone checked out Hello Giggles? How about Rookie? Checked out September Matchbook? And if you don't read Nat, please do!

7) Speaking of awesome blogs, bloggers are kind of blowing up huge, huh? I don't think one September issue of any women's / fashion magazine was without one blogger showcased, even briefly.

8) I think I'll start posting outfits again, that was fun!

9) I have been working out before work and after work, using my exercise videos. I switch them up, so as not to exhaust any one muscle group two times in a row. However, they all have some version of squats. I'm not sure I can squat again.

10) It is Thursday, and I have next week off. The hours will now be 2 times slower, for the remaining 14 or so hours I have left of work. You're welcome.

11) Is anyone else already feeling overwhelmed by all the 9/11 media 10 year anniversary machine? I know I am. 10 years is a long time, and no time at all. This year is different and special because of the weight we put on it, and I don't want to disrespect the thousands of people more deeply affected than I. I think that it is very important to offer continued memorium of those that were lost.

If you think about it, if you're honest with yourself, we all remember everyday. Ask yourself what your first thought was when we had our earthquake a few weeks ago. I remember the fear I felt in 2003 when the lights went out in New York, and there I was, next door to the Empire State Building. What all of us think when we see a plane we think might be flying a little low. This is what it did to us. We have a fear now we never had before. Its not going anywhere.

However, the reflection has brought to my attention some beautiful pieces of journalism, and I am sure that this Sunday will bring more. Look at this and this.

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